Naviter Bluetooth Dongle

SeeYou Navigator 2.0 talks to external devices over Bluetooth Low Energy. If you have a device that communicates over BLE, that’s great. But what if you don’t?

Naviter Bluetooth Dongle is the solution. It is a very simple dongle that converts almost any old flight instrument with a serial data port to a smart Bluetooth Low Energy device. And in addition to that, one-year use of SeeYou Navigator and SeeYou Cloud is included in the package as well.


  • Auto-detects serial data baud rate, no configuration needed.
  • Includes 1-year use of SeeYou & Navigator.
  • Connects to two devices simultaneously:
    • One to BLE interface (iPhone or Android).
    • One to Bluetooth 2.0 interface (Oudie).
  • Starts transmitting as soon as valid data is detected.
  • Transmits data both ways – to and from the connected device.
  • Change broadcasted name to distinguish it from other Bluetooth Dongles.
  • Negligible power consumption (less than 0.2 Watt)

The Naviter Bluetooth Dongle was designed to work seamlessly with your flight computer and SeeYou Navigator. It works great in a club environment as well as your private glider.

Naviter Bluetooth dongle is perfect for our club. Anyone can connect to high-quality navigation data for their Oudie and SeeYou Navigator, and the wires are gone.

Installation was easy . The instructions were clear. Very professional.

The Naviter Bluetooth Dongle is a plug-and-play device. Plug it to the correct port on your flight computer, wait until it becomes visible in the list of BLE devices in SeeYou Navigator. Tap on it to connect and it is ready to fly.

Since pinouts of the ports used on various devices are different, Naviter Bluetooth Dongle comes in three shapes:

  • LXNAV – PDA: Compatible with V7/S7/S8/S80/S10/S100 as well as any LX 8xxx/9xxxx version with a PDA port in the back.
  • LX Navigation – User port: Compatible with all Era, Eos, Helios and 10k flight computers with a User port in the back.
  • Flarm – IGC Standard port: Compatible with any system that has a standard IGC pinout. Simply connect it to the RJ45 port on any Flarm or Power Flarm. If the port is already taken an additional Flarm Splitter accessory is needed.

The Naviter Bluetooth Dongle is avaialble and ready for shipping: