Landout layer

SeeYou Cloud just got an exciting upgrade!

In collaboration with, you can now enable Outlanding fields from the “Points of Interest” section in the Layers menu. When you enable this layer, landable fields covering most of the Alps region will be displayed on the map! They are clickable and will take you to the information you need to safely plan your XC flights.

Colors represent the quality of the field.

  • (green) = Good field, big and wide enough for most gliders.
  • (yellow) = Attention is required, read the small print about this field.
  • (red) = Emergency use only. The highest degree of caution and skill is required to land there.
  • ( X ) = If a field’s icon is crossed-out, then this was a good field once, but it is not unusable anymore. DO NOT LAND there.
  • ( ? ) = Fields with a question mark are likely good fields, but their data has not been updated in the last three years.

If you live near any of the fields in the Landout database, go visit the field, take recent pictures and update information about this field at Simply click on links in SeeYou Cloud and it will take you to all the right places.

About Landout fields Landout fields is a mature project. For many years they produced a printed book of Landout fields for the Alps. Recently, they decided to make the Landout service available to everyone for free, as an online service.

They deserve full support from the community for their trouble. Please update the info about Landout fields in your vicinity or make a small donation to the creators of this outstanding service at