Tasks & QR Codes in version 2.11

First of all, thank you all for testing the previous beta version and taking the time for the (almost overwhelming) feedback. ? A new Beta version of the SeeYou Navigator is available for you to test. It expands the task functionallity with a lot of the improvements and introduces a huge number of bugfixes, that we were able to make thanks to your feedback and hard work from our development team.

New Features

  • Support for additional types of tasks:
    • Assigned Area Task for Gliding and
    • Race to Goal and Elapsed Time Task for Paragliding and Hang Gliding
  • Load your tasks from SeeYou Cloud
  • Share and set tasks via the QR code
  • New panel display for task events and important task calculations on the map
  • Unobtrusive Task Event alert sounds
  • Start gate status is colored based on the gate opening time and time to go calculations
  • Auxiliary navigation line to a turn point, if a different target is selected while flying a task

Please give the new version a go and let us know how you like the new and improved app.

How to become a beta tester?

To test the new Task feature, you must join our beta program to get the latest version as soon as it becomes available in your region.

It is really simple on Android:

Follow >this link<.

or Join the beta from Google Play:

  1. Open the Play Store Google Play.
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Manage apps & devices and then Installed.
  4. find SeeYou Navigator, tap Join the Beta.

And it is equally simple for iPhone users:

  1. Install TestFlight on the iOS device that you’ll use for testing.
  2. Tap on >this link< on your iPhone device.
  3. Accept the invitation and install the Beta version.

That’s it! You’re ready to fly. Feel free to share this link with friends.

Change log

SeeYou Navigator v2.1.1. beta:


  • Support for additional flight tasks:
    • AAT Task (Gliding)
    • Race to Goal (Paragliding)
    • Elapsed Time Task (Paragliding
  • Import a task from SeeYou Cloud
  • Sharing and setting tasks from SeeYou Cloud
  • New panel display for task events and important task calculations on the map
  • Unobtrusive task event alert sounds
  • Coloring of start gate secotor depending on the start procedure
  • Extra navigation line to the next task turn point, when a different navigation target is selected while flying a task
  • New Navbox: Altitude gain in a current last thermal


  • Airspace warnings work on 2nd and subsequent flights
  • Correct pressure to altitude conversion at high altitudes
  • Proper disposal of resources when going to sleep
  • Improved caching of elevation tiles – works better with poor internet connection
  • Fix for jumping Altitude and AutoQNH
  • Automatic navigation to takeoff is correctly adjusted for multiple flights
  • Snail trail and take off locations of previous flight are cleared on new takeoff

SeeYou Navigator v2.1.0 beta:


  • Support for flight tasks:
    • XC Task
    • Racing Task (Gliding)
    • Race to Goal Task (Paragliding)
  • Display of tasks on the map
  • Task navboxes
  • Calculate the task shortest route (Paragliding)
  • Navigate to the optimal task turn-point while flying (Paragliding)
  • New Swipe Zoom Gesture setting: In-Flight only

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed synchronization of flights, that were modified after uploading to server
  • Bluetooth connectivity: limited auto-connect attempts
  • Numerous stability and performance improvements