Scan that code

Declaring a task has always been a challenge and a time-consuming task.

The wisest among us will remember how a task used to be declared on a whiteboard with chalk, a camera, and a handful of papers. GPS simplified that process. But the early flight recorders had minimal user interface. Entering a task with rotary knobs and a 9-character LCD screen? Doable. Not easy. When flight computers with a touch screen became popular – such as SeeYou Mobile and Oudie – you could type in the task. Much better. But still prone to errors.


Nothing is more convenient than scanning a QR Code with all the task information already stored in the code. Tap – Tap – Done.

Don’t believe it until you’ve tried it?

  1. Open a task in SeeYou Cloud XC Planner or click here.
  2. Tap the Share button in SeeYou Cloud.
  3. Run Navigator on your phone or Oudie N.
  4. Go to Menu > Task > Scan QR Code and scan that code!

Share QR Code with friends

It’s equally easy to share the task from SeeYou Navigator or Oudie N. Go to Menu > Task > scroll down > Share task via QR Code and let others copy the task from you. No typos.

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