Auto-zoom, Lee waves, Custom zones & more

This new version of SeeYou Navigator rounds out the functionality you need for gliding and paragliding competitions, adding cool new features to your Oudie N and SeeYou Navigator.


  • Fly a task without touching the screen
  • Zoom in as you approach the turnpoint

Add and activate the auto-zoom navbox. The map will smoothly zoom in as you approach your destination.

Now you can fly your competition task without ever touching the screen. Navigation automatically advances to the next turnpoint and zooms in as needed.

Why custom shapes?

Do you fly Assigned Area tasks where the turnpoint areas are not round? No problem. You can set up any sector shape you want.

And the best part? Share QR code with the team when you are done.

Did you know?

TopMeteo now offers lee wave forecasts.

If you subscribe to their service, Lee waves, live satellite images, wind and potential flight distance layers will seamlessly display TopMeteo forecasts on your Oudie N and SeeYou Navigator.

Learn more about Lee Waves forecesat from TM >

And there’s more

You can freely move your glider symbol around the screen. If you want to set up navboxes so that the default glider position is not optimal, you can now move the position of the glider symbol separately for track-up and north-up map orientation.

Pilot Event Marker is becoming the new standard procedure to start tasks in gliding competitions. In SeeYou Navigator there’s now a Pilot Event button that supports this start method. Press the button and an event will be stored in the IGC file.

When the task arrival altitude becomes positive for the first time – taking into account your current MacCready setting – a Final glide notification appears reminding you that you can now start thinking about that cold beer at the finish line đŸ™‚

That’s still not all that is now in this version. See the full Change log for v2.4.0 >