🔥Oudie N IGC

It is here – the Oudie N IGC! 🤩 After extensive flight testing and tuning of the new Oudie N IGC in the past year, we can proudly say that it is ready to help you achieve badges, records and be you co-pilot at competitions. 🎖🏆🏅

This is the latest development from the Oudie N platform. It is IGC certified for world records and competition flights. It is approved for flights with a two-stroke, four-stroke, Wankel or electric engines. And it adds the signature huge battery coupled with the sunlight-readable display.

One software, three platforms

Android & iPhone

Are you on a budget or do you just want to try the Navigator software before committing to Oudie N?

Install SeeYou Navigator on your iPhone or Android smartphone. It is the same software that powers the Oudie N.

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Oudie N Gliding

If you fly for leisure without the stress of trying to achieve the best results in competition or flying records, Oudie N is for you.

It is a reliable portable navigation device with a bright screen, a large battery, and highly accurate sensors.

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Oudie N IGC

Want to win competitions, achieve badges, set personal, national and world records?

You can do that with the same reliable platform that adds electronics with the highest possible IGC Approval for gliders and powered sailplanes.

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