Custom Airspace, Soaring Spot & more

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of SeeYou Navigator version 2.7.0.

After a very long testing period and seven release candidates, version 2.7.0 is now stable and available to all. The small change in version number doesn’t do justice to the extensive changes in this version. Please read on to learn more about the added features.

Load custom airspace

Competition published customized airspace? ✅
Local airspace agreements at your airfield? ✅
Someone sent you an airspace file? ✅

You can now load custom airspace files in SeeYou Navigator and Oudie N. Go to Menu > Settings > Airspace to activate the new Custom Airspace option and tap Add Airspace File to load it.

You can combine official airspace files with your own files and activate multiple custom airspace files at the same time.

The custom airspace in SeeYou Navigator has a limit of 1 MB. An average airspace of this size would cover the whole of France, so we hope this is a reasonable limit. It’s not intended to replace the highly optimised official database. It’s only meant to complement it when needed.

Soaring Spot integration

You asked, we delivered. Go to Menu > Task and tap on the “Load from Soaring Spot” button. Select your competition from the list of currently active competitions at Soaring Spot, select the class you’re flying and the task. The next time you come by, the competition and class will already be pre-filled, saving you extra taps. How do you like it?

Full screen mode for smartphones

There’s never enough room on the screen for all the navboxes and indicators we need for navigation. Now you can activate full screen mode on iPhone and Android smartphones via Menu > Settings > Other > Full screen mode. It hides the status bar at the bottom and the notification panel at the top of the screen so you can use it better.

Oudie N users will be pleased to know that this setting is enabled by default on the Oudie N and isn’t even an option. SeeYou Navigator always runs in full screen mode on the Oudie N.

Thermal assistant improvements

SeeYou Navigator is full of complex, interconnected settings. Sometimes it’s difficult to get them right for everyone on the first pass. This version brings an improvement in how quickly the Thermal assistant is turned off after you leave the thermal.

Is it optimal yet? Let us know what you think of the new settings.

Stability and responsiveness

The majority of testing time for this version was spent on making sure that the app stability is improved and that it runs reliably. We’ve completed major changes under the hood that make the whole app more responsive and whole lot more stable than before.

Bug fixes

Like every new version, this one brings dozens of small bug fixes that most users won’t notice until they do something specific with the app. For example, this version no longer crashes when you zoom in and out very quickly. It shows SkySight weather at all times. It connects to Condor input stream. The QR code scanner has been fixed and now works better. IGC file recording is no longer interrupted when you change input devices. Bluetooth devices reconnect seamlessly when disconnected and there’s no longer an autocorrect in the email field when you try to sign in.

These fixes may seem small, but they improve the overall experience. Please keep the feedback loop going. If there’s something you want us to improve, we want to hear from you: Email us and let us know how we can improve.

Read the full Change log for version 2.7.0 here >