Fly Race to goal task hands-free

We have been working hard to update Oudie N with features that competition pilots have been asking for lately.

In paragliding, new revolutionary harnesses are being introduced. They are looking more and more like a sailplane cockpit. However, they present new challenges to instrument manufacturers. In the case of the Submarine, the instrument is inside a sealed cockpit with very limited interaction possibilities.

For this reason, one of the development goals for version 2.8.0 was to introduce features that allow you to fly the entire task without ever having to touch the screen.

The weather was great for flying in Slovenia lately, so Jost and the team spent many hours in the air to make sure all the new features worked properly. Version 2.8.0 for Oudie N is released now with all of this new functionality (and more):

Load custom waypoints and airspaces

This was undoubtedly the most requested feature. Now you can download waypoints from the website PWCA and load them on your Oudie N via Menu > Settings > Collections > “Add waypoints file”. The same goes for airspaces in Menu > Settings > Airspace > “Add airspace file”.

Current track vector

You will see a solid gray line from your position forward. This line shows your current track which includes wind drift while the map is oriented Heading up (in the direction where your glider is pointing). This feature is enabled by default. You can control its visibility in Menu > Settings  > Map & Layers > Show current track vector.

Automatic Zoom

If you have loaded a task and enabled Auto Zoom in Menu > Settings > Map > Auto-zoom, you can fly the task without touching the screen. Oudie N zooms in on the map as needed and zooms out again when you reach the next turn point.

If Auto-Zoom is enabled and you just need to quickly change the zoom to see some details, Auto-Zoom will return to your previous value 10 seconds later.

Close Thermal Assistant with one tap

Sometimes you may want to exit the Thermal Assistant altogether to make other strategic decisions. Now you can exit Thermal Assistant by simply tapping anywhere on the screen. The first touch will zoom to the previous (auto) zoom level, after that it will behave normally.

Airspace warnings are always collapsed

Since version 2.8.0, airspace warnings are always collapsed at the top of the screen, with all top navboxes moved down to preserve full functionality. The warning no longer opens automatically to cover 1/4 of the screen. If you need more details about the warning, you can tap on the yellow/red box to open it.

Colors for task lines and zones

We have changed the colors of the task lines and turn point zones to match the colors of the old Oudie and SeeYou and to distinguish them clearly. Blue is the task, pink is the turn point sector. The start speed sector is red when it is closed, orange when it is time to go, and green when it is open.

XC Tracer support

XC Tracer Mini V and XC Tracer Maxx are now fully supported, including Fanet and Flarm. When you connect an XC Tracer Mini V or Maxx to Oudie N, you can see other pilots on your screen. You can also rename them and mark them as important friends.

There are a number of other small improvements in the latest version that you may find important. You can set the Task finish altitude and QNH of the task when entering it. There is an altitude warning in Menu > Settings > Altitude Warning. A black dot is displayed on the turnpoint sector at the location closest to you.

Stability and responsiveness

Last but not least, we are monitoring Oudie N’s stability. To be honest, the software crashed occasionally in versions prior to 2.6.0. It was also lagging a little every now and then which resulted in stuttering vario beeping. We did a lot of research and development to find out what was going on, and in the process contributed many important bug fixes back to the open-source community. I am happy to report that crashing and stuttering is resolved since the release of version 2.7.0. A huge thanks goes to the great community of pilots who keep giving us feedback on how they use Oudie N and SeeYou Navigator.

Here’s a full list of new features and improvements in the latest versions:

I hope you will enjoy using Oudie N as your primary navigation device. Make sure that it is updated to version 2.8.0. If there is anything you would like to ask, please send an email to We will be happy to help you.