Recent tasks & Hybrid live tracking

We are pleased to announce that SeeYou Navigator version 2.10 is now stable and available to everyone. Let’s take a look at the features that have been added in this version.

Recent & Saved Tasks

The weather can change your plans for the day very quickly, as it often does. This is even more the case when you are preparing for a competition. In this case, the task setter often defines two tasks “just in case”.

The SeeYou Navigator now automatically saves the last three tasks you defined in a list of your most recent tasks. This makes it very easy to switch between Task A and Task B (and even Task C). Go to Menu > Task > Recent Tasks. Select one of the last three tasks you entered. Easy!

If three tasks are not enough, there is even a bonus option. Once you have entered a task, you can manually save it. In this case, the tasks will remain permanently listed in the Saved Tasks section.

Don’t need it anymore? Swipe left and delete it.

Hybrid live tracking

We’ve covered the topic of hybrid live tracking in a recent blog article. It is an exciting way to increase the range of live tracking and improve pilot safety.

This version of SeeYou Navigator does just that. Not only does it show the positions of other pilots on your screen. It also automatically transmits their position to the global and free Open Glider Network (OGN) live tracking servers. This turns your mobile phone or Oudie N into a portable OGN ground station, able to cover areas not otherwise covered by OGN ground stations.

Manual task entry improved

We love to hide behind the back of a pilot using SeeYou Navigator and watch them use the software. This is the best way to get feedback on whether our interface is doing what pilots expect it to do.

Sometimes we find that pilots are confused by some of the features. Watching people enter the task manually was one such observation. It was downright frustrating for power users at times.

We went ahead and fixed it. Now all you have to do is type in the name of your waypoint, enter the radius of the turnpoint and repeat the process for all the waypoints. At the end you are greeted by the Task Options dialogue box. Done.

Lots of details

Manual task entry was not the only feature where the UI was fixed. People could also not figure out how to delete multiple pages. So we fixed that – by making the button completely obvious. Several such improvements and bug fixes have made it into version 2.10 – see the full list of changes here.

The season is in full swing. We hope you are already enjoying the spring thermals and preparing for big flights in the summer.