Pilot Event Marker (PEV) Start

We’re happy to introduce an exciting addition in gliding competitions – the Pilot Event Marker (PEV) Start Procedure, now available in SeeYou Navigator. This feature aims to improve safety in gliding by adhering to evolving competition rules. In this blog post, we’ll explore how the PEV Start Procedure in Navigator streamlines the start process, reduces gaggling, and ensures a synchronized and controlled start experience with minimum effort on your side. Get ready to take your gliding competition experience to the next level with SeeYou Navigator!

Embracing the Evolution of Competition Rules

Gliding competitions are constantly evolving to enhance safety and fairness. The introduction of the PEV Start Procedure is a testament to this commitment. It enables pilots to adapt to the changing landscape of gliding competitions, reducing the risks associated with large gaggles and congested start areas. By incorporating this procedure into SeeYou Navigator, we empower pilots to embrace these new rules seamlessly.

Streamlined Start Process

Gone are the days requiring massive workload on pilots before start. With the new PEV Start Procedure in SeeYou Navigator, starting a gliding task becomes intuitive and efficient. Once you’ve loaded your competition task in SeeYou Navigator, simply set the “Start procedure” option to “PEV Start” and enter the wait time and start window duration. This streamlined process ensures that you can focus on your flying, rather than navigating complex start procedures.

Precision Timing with the Pilot Event Marker

The PEV Start Procedure introduces the concept of personal start gate opening times. As a pilot, you have control over your start time by pressing the Event Marker button in SeeYou Navigator. A countdown timer begins, allowing you to align your flight plan accordingly. The “Time to go” information guides you to the start line, ensuring you arrive precisely when it opens. This precision timing helps distribute gliders evenly, minimizing the risks associated with congested start areas.

Maximizing Safety and Enjoyment

By adhering to the PEV Start Procedure, you contribute to a safer gliding environment for all competitors. Spreading out gliders and reducing gaggling not only enhances safety but also enhances the overall enjoyment of the competition. With SeeYou Navigator’s support for the PEV Start Procedure, you can navigate the course confidently, knowing that you’re part of a synchronized start experience.

As gliding competitions embrace new rules and safety measures, it’s essential for pilots to stay ahead of the game. SeeYou Navigator’s integration of the Pilot Event Marker (PEV) Start Procedure empowers glider pilots to adapt effortlessly to these changes. By reducing gaggling and improving start precision, this feature enhances both safety and enjoyment in gliding competitions.

Step into the future of gliding with SeeYou Navigator and the PEV Start Procedure, and experience a new level of control and excitement in your competitions