Backup and Sync

Life can be unpredictable. Accidents happen, and we understand the frustration of losing your device or having it damaged. But with SeeYou Navigator, we’ve got you covered every step of the way!

ūüéČAutomatic Backups

Say goodbye to the anxiety of losing all your settings if disaster strikes. We’ve designed a silent yet remarkable improvement to ensure your peace of mind.

How does it work? It’s simple. Whenever you make changes to your settings on SeeYou Navigator, whether it’s on your phone or Oudie N, our intelligent system automatically backs them up to SeeYou Cloud. And the best part? It all happens seamlessly in the background as soon as an internet connection is available.

When will you need this? Imagine getting a brand-new phone or treating yourself to an Oudie N. Setting up your new device has never been easier! Run SeeYou Navigator on your new device and transfer all your settings effortlessly to the new device after the initial installation. One tap, and you’re good to go!

Don’t let unexpected mishaps or device changes ruin your experience. Trust SeeYou Navigator to safeguard your settings and simplify your journey.

But wait, there’s more:

ūüĒ•Sync your Settings across devices

Some of the settings gained superpowers in version 2.12! Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary new capabilities in SeeYou Navigator.

Here’s an example of the magic that awaits you: Let’s say you enter a new glider in the “Menu > Aircraft/Wing” section on your phone. Now, switch to another device connected to your SeeYou Navigator account, like your trusty Oudie N (ensure it’s online). You’ll be astounded to see that the glider you just entered on your phone has seamlessly appeared on your Oudie N. It’s like magic!

But it doesn’t stop there. The incredible syncing powers extend beyond your aircraft hangar. Recently entered tasks, Favorite Flarm/Fanet/OGN buddies – including their names, saved navbox layouts, logbook entries, waypoint and task collections, safety height preferences, and selected units sync harmoniously across all your devices as well.

Of course, we understand that each device may serve a unique purpose in your cockpit setup. That’s why not all settings sync in the same way. If you want to fly with both devices simultaneously, you can still set them up differently, allowing each device to bring its own value to your aviation experience.

Your satisfaction matters to us, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts on these new features. Share your feedback, suggestions, or ideas for further enhancements by reaching out to us at We’re all ears!

Upgrade SeeYou Navigator now and unlock the power of seamless settings synchronization across all your devices. Prepare to be blown away by the possibilities!