Elevate your Airspace Awareness

🔊 Your feedback has spoken, and we’ve listened! We’re thrilled to unveil the latest beta version of our airspace warning panel, loaded with an array of enhancements designed to make your flying experience safer and more intuitive than ever before.

Redesigned Clarity

We understand that accuracy alone isn’t enough – clarity is key. That’s why we’ve given the airspace warning panel a complete makeover. Now, understanding the message is as simple as glancing at your dashboard. Whether an airspace is nearby or lies ahead, above, or below, you’ll receive crystal-clear notifications instantly. And for those who’ve dared to venture too close, a bold red alert will leave no room for misunderstanding – you’re already within the airspace.

Simplified Navigation

Navigating through complex airspace has never been easier. Our revamped warning panel doesn’t just inform; it guides. Receive timely notifications about the airspace’s proximity and direction, along with the precise remaining distance. Seamlessly integrated with your flight data, it’s like having a dedicated co-pilot steering you away from potential trouble.

Airspace at Your Command

Taking control of your airspace awareness is now at your fingertips. Tap on the warning panel to reveal the options. Whether you need a brief break from notifications for the next 15 minutes or an airspace-free day ahead, you’re in charge. No more distractions, just flying your way.

Visual Precision

We’ve transformed the map into an even more insightful tool. Conflicting airspaces are now unmistakably marked with vibrant colors, ensuring you can spot potential hazards at a glance. From the cautionary yellow to the attention-demanding red, you’ll effortlessly distinguish between various levels of risk.

Join the Evolution

The future of airspace awareness is here, and it’s in your hands. Elevate your flying experience with our revamped beta version – where accuracy, clarity, and control converge. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exciting journey towards safer skies!

Explore the new beta version today and empower your flights with unparalleled airspace intelligence. Your safety soars with us. 🛫🛬