Navigator speaks your language

The latest version marks a thrilling milestone for SeeYou Navigator as it transforms into a polyglot, thanks to dedicated pilots from Germany, France, and Slovenia. We proudly present version 2.14, the very first edition of SeeYou Navigator fluent in their native languages.

Seamless language integration

If your phone or Oudie N operates in one of the supported languages, Navigator will seamlessly launch in that language. You can easily override the language selection in Menu > Settings > Other > Languages for those with different preferences.

Quality in Translation

We are committed to authentic translations. No auto-generated content here – every string is meticulously translated by a pilot and a native speaker in your language. This ensures that navigating the interface feels like talking with fellow pilots at your local flying site.

Gratitude to the pioneers

A heartfelt thanks goes to the trailblazers who paved the way, discovered bugs, and made it easier for everyone else to translate Navigator in the future:

Lothar Dittmer for German
Thibaud and Philippe De Pechy for French
Joanna Di Grigoli for Spanish
the Naviter team and specifically Sergey, Simon and Andrej for the Slovenian translation

Join the Translation Team

Translating Navigator into your language is a rewarding endeavor that takes about 6-8 hours of your time. If you share our passion for making SeeYou Navigator accessible to your linguistic community, reach out to us at Be a part of our translation team and contribute to breaking language barriers!