Cable cars and other obstacles

Imagine this: a smart algorithm working like another pair of eyes in your cockpit, continuously scanning your flight path for potential hazards like cable cars, power lines, and other obstacles. And the best part? It remains silent until the danger is imminent—meaning you’ll only get warnings when a collision is close.

SeeYou Navigator’s maps are designed to display potential obstacles as thin red lines when they’re nearby but not an immediate threat. This subtle visualization provides a crucial advantage by offering you time to adapt to upcoming terrain with the right level of confidence and situational awareness. Rather than overwhelming you with alarms, this approach equips you with essential information, enabling you to make informed decisions with a balanced approach to navigation.

At any point during your flight, you can interact with the system. Just tap on identified obstacles to access detailed information about their locations. Plus, we give you the power to enable or disable warnings for a specific obstacle, all based on your situational awareness.

This feature is currently available in the stunning Alps region, but it will expand to more locations in the future. Because your safety matters, no matter where you fly.

Stay tuned for updates. Together, we’re committed to making our flights safer and better, one incredible feature at a time.