Analyse with Live Satellite Images

Do you ever wonder if you could have followed “those” clouds to extend your flight? Did you ever want to show how the lenticulars developed just as you were passing by? Now you can prove it. In collaboration with SkySight, you can now show Live Satellite image overview for the last 5 days! Just click […]

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SeeYou Cloud just got an exciting upgrade! In collaboration with, you can now enable Outlanding fields from the “Points of Interest” section in the Layers menu. When you enable this layer, landable fields covering most of the Alps region will be displayed on the map! They are clickable and will take you to the […]

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Naviter Bluetooth Dongle

SeeYou Navigator 2.0 talks to external devices over Bluetooth Low Energy. If you have a device that communicates over BLE, that’s great. But what if you don’t? Naviter Bluetooth Dongle is the solution. It is a very simple dongle that converts almost any old flight instrument with a serial data port to a smart Bluetooth […]

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