Compare Oudie 4 and Oudie 5

Oudie 4 BasicOudie 5 XCOudie 4 FullOudie 5 Pro
Sunlight readableYes, with colours and wide viewing angles
OperationTouch screen + 1 button
Battery autonomy12 h typical use, 11 h with Fanet & Flarm enabled
Battery TypeLithium – Polymer
Size135 x 86 x 25 mm
5.3 x 3.4 x 1.0 in
Weight350 grams
ConnectivityUSB, SD Card, Bluetooth
Internet connectionBluetooth & Oudie Live app
Gloves friendly
Fast and responsive vario
FlarmTransmit onlyTransmit only
Available Navboxes57578989
Airspace warning3D3D3D3D
Airspace display2D, Side view2D, Side view2D, Side view2D, Side view
IGC file
Moving map
Worldwide terrain map
Thermal assistant
Hike & Fly mode
In-flight Statistics1 page1 page4 pages4 pages
Competition featuresBasicBasic
Custom Command buttons
Customize menu layout
Multiple profiles
FAI Triangle features
Software updatesNaviter Updater, USB, SD CardNaviter Updater, USB, SD CardNaviter Updater, USB, SD CardNaviter Updater, USB, SD Card
Price499 EUR
excl. VAT
607 EUR
excl. VAT
624 EUR
excl. VAT
732 EUR
excl. VAT