Flytec Sensbox

The Flytec Sensboxis a novel, compact vario with unique usage scenarios:

  1. The Sensbox is our smallest vario with built-in GPS. This makes it the perfect companion for hike&fly and other weight conscious pilots.
  2. Its long battery life and the huge storage capacity based on SD cards make it a great backup device for cross-country and competition pilots.
  3. In connection with aviation apps on mobile phones and tablet computers, the Sensbox serves as highly precise data source, making the apps even more useful.
  4. In its unique logger mode, the Sensbox stores all its sensor values with high precision and speed. This is important data for test pilots, but also serve to augment sports videos of all kinds.


The Sensbox combines all sensors required to capture all flight relevant movements, in an incredible small package:

  • Newest generation GPS module
  • Highly precise air pressure sensor for vario and altitude measurement
  • Magnetic compass
  • Acceleration sensor
  • Gyro sensor, to determine spatial attitude

The Sensbox either records this sensor data, or transmits it in real-time via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, Bluetooth Smart) to mobile phones and tablet computers, to serve as a data source for aviation apps.

Technical Data

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Sensbox apps

Sensbox apps for iOS

Sensbox apps for Android

Sensbox as data logger

Starting with version 3 of the firmware, you can run the Sensbox either as a vario (in flight mode) or as a data logger (in log mode). In log mode, the Sensbox records all sensor data at high frequency (up to 50 Hz) for up to 24 hours.

The data is stored as a CSV file, ready for processing in Excel or in a database. In addition, the file can serve as a data source for video tools like Dashware (for Windows) or RaceRender (for OS X and Windows).

Documentation and Support

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