Gliding is at the heart of everything we do.

It does not matter if you are just starting out in gliding or if you are already a champion. Either way, we will make your gliding navigation easy and enjoyable so you can focus on improving your flying skills.

SeeYou and Oudie N round-up as a full-circle integrated solution for your gliding hobby:

  • Plan your flight in advance,
  • Navigate safely around your course, and
  • Have fun Learning from your mistakes

Oudie N

The world’s favorite portable navigation solution. Every pilot knows how important it is to have the right flight plan and up-to-date weather information. Oudie N brings live data seamlessly into your cockpit, so you can concentrate on what’s important to keep you flying for longer and further.

Oudie N is a dedicated device that runs SeeYou Navigator. Its razor-sharp, sunlight-readable display, exceptional battery life and easy connectivity make it the perfect companion for your cockpit.

2. SeeYou Navigator

SeeYou Navigator can be your co-pilot on your iPhone or Android smartphone. You will learn the essential flying skills faster while staying safe at the same time.

SeeYou Navigator is easy to use so you can focus on your flying. It keeps you out of airspace and helps you maintain a safe glide slope to landable fields while helping you understand the weather and airspace around you.

With limitless connectivity and seamless integration with SeeYou, Navigator will quickly become your favorite navigation app.

2. SeeYou

SeeYou was designed to simplify learning the skills you need to become an exceptional pilot. Plan your next flights, keep your logbook, and learn from meaningful statistics on your Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, and Linux computers.