Hang Gliding – Flight Instruments

From catching those first thermals using the Flytec Alto vario, to executing your first 200km flight or even winning a competition using the Blade, your needs are covered with our range of flight instruments.


The all-in-one instrument in an aerodynamic housing. For pilots who want all of the functionality to win competitions and enjoy safe cross-country flights.

Airspeed sensor, Total Energy variometer, Color Moving Map, Thermal assistant and lots more...

Flytec Alto

The Alto is a simple, robust and reliable starter vario.

Flytec Speed

The Speed adds essential GPS features to it's younger brother.

Flytec Track

Track aids cross-country flights with basic airspace warnings.

Oudie 4

The Oudie 4 (and Oudie 4 Basic) continues to be a great success, with a unique set of features not offered by any other freeflight instrument.

Flytec 6030

Built in Pitot Tube and total energy compensation, the 6030 is what majority of Hang Glider pilots were using before Blade.


You will find fully featured Pre-flight planning and Post-flight analysis tools in our extremely powerful SeeYou software. It is the hub of our products and it allows you to join up your flying experience.

Welcome to the Naviter family.