Hyper Change log

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Version 3.13, released 24th May, 2023

Version 3.13
+ Support for newer hardware revision
+ Bug fixes

Version 3.11
+ Enable Bluetooth Low Energy in Menu > Comm > Bluetooth
+ Support for SeeYou Navigator BLE connection
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 3.10
+ UI support for new NaviterUpdater – 5.04 
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 3.06
+ SeeYou Maps are working also without active SeeYou Subscription
– Improvement: Spanish translations
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 3.05
– Bugfix: Not being able to change navboxes while screen is locked
– Bugfix: “Show airspace below” setting did not save
– Bugfix: Vario scale in fpm

Version 3.04
+ Hyper in the list of Instruments accepted for FAI Category 1 competitions

Version 3.02
+ SeeYou Cloud maps integration
+ Screen Lock
+ Mac and Windows version of Naviter Updater
+ Pair Hyper with SeeYou Cloud account through Naviter Updater
+ Button to Settings for Hyper on SeeYou Cloud in Naviter Updater
+ Upload flights to SeeYou Cloud through Naviter Updater
+ Automatically update Awesome SeeYou Maps
– Automatic update of SeeYou Cloud license file through Naviter Updater
– Redesigned UI for Naviter Updater
– Improvement: Support for SeeYou Cloud licenses
– Improvement: German and French translations
– Tweak: WiFi connectivity
– Bugfix: Menu buttons actions in Hike&Fly mode
– 7 other minor bug fixes, performance, and UI improvements

Version 2.06
+ New Navboxes
+ Navbox for gained altitude in current thermal (Gained Alt. in thermal)
+ Navbox for GPS altitude (GPS Altitude)
+ default navigation to TakeOff (if no target is selected)
+ added missing characters on the keyboard
– Improvement: Sunset/Sunrise time display same as Oudie
– Improvement: Confirmation dialog before Clear task added
– Improvement: Navigate Goto screen with buttons
– Improvement: Default Map orientation is now Track Up
– Tweak: Changed default vario frequencies
– Tweak: Improved USB connectivity/charging behavior
– Bugfix: fixed map display in Florida
– Bugfix: Auto QNH setting on/off
– Bugfix: Corrected nearest airspace calculations and Navboxes values displaying
– Various minor bug fixes, performance and UI improvements

Version 2.00
+ FAI assistant
+ OLC optimizations
+ German and French translation
+ Track up map orientation
+ Wind value in Compass rose
+ New Navboxes
+ Navbox for distance flown (Opt)
+ Navbox for optimization back to takeoff (cOpt)
+ Navbox for flown FAI Triangle (FAItri)
+ Navbox for distance until FAI triangle 20% rule is satisfied (Tri20%)
+ Navbox for last 60 minutes speed (60´.Sp)
+ Navbox for Distance to Takeoff (dToff)
+ New Thermal Assistant settings > Path width, Path length and zoom settings
+ Climb threshold setting
– Steering course graphics settings
– Glider&track graphics settings
– Improvement: separate setting for Compass rose and Map pages orientation
– Improvement: vario symbol > vario off-scale drawing
– Improvement: new Volume change dialog
– Improvement: graphic icons in Menu > Task dialog
– Improvement: WiFi range and behavior improved
– Improvement: start Gate time set to 12:00 by default
– Improvement: new icon for Vario settings dialog
– Tweak: Task optimization line changed to black
– Bugfix: Flight will finish when H&F is turned off
– Bugfix: Airspace warnings are drawing over vario symbol
– Various minor bug fixes, performance and UI improvements

Version 1.23
+ Auto QNH
+ Vario algorithm updated (it is the same like on the Oudie now)
+ Add waypoint functionality added
+ Load task from CUP file functionality added
+ Task > Start Speed Section time setting added
– Improvement: Charging and USB behavior
– Improvement: Multiple CUP file managing added
– Tweak: Take off and landing detection improved
– Bugfix: No more errors while connecting to PC
– Bugfix: Correct vario scale when vario units are in ft/min
– Various bug fixes

Initial Release
+ Hike & Fly mode
+ Thermal Assistant
+ Airspace View and warnings
+ Compass rose
+ Intuitive settings Menu
+ Waypoints and Go To
+ Tasks
+ Hyper Jacket as an optional accessory