Naviter Updater – Change Log

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Version 5.07, 13th May, 2024
– Updater reported a new Oudie version although the latest was already installed. Fixed.
– Updater says there are flights to be uploaded, even though they are all uploaded already. Fixed.
– Fixes for MacOS.
– Logging improved significantly.

Version 5.04:
– Support older versions of Hyper
– Downloading large files improved
– Progress bar UX improvements

Version 5.02:
– Startup issue on Windows 10 resolved
– Starts minimized in Tray after reboot on Windows

Version 5.00:
+ New User Interface
+ Works natively on Mac and Windows
+ Supports all Oudie, Blade, Hyper and Element Track devices
+ Updates firmware, airspace, flights and Waypoints
+ Updates GPS AeroData (an additional subscription required)
+ Updates Weather (an additional subscription required)
– Settings menu
– Feedback menu
– Supports multiple connected devices in parallel
– Restore software procedure
– Sits silently in tray

Version 4.8:
+ Sync Waypoints and Tasks from SeeYou with Oudie & Hyper & Blade
– Bring Naviter Updater to front when data is being updated
– Software properly notarized for Mac

Version 4.4:
– 32-bit version for old MAC operating systems
– 64-bit version for new MAC operating systems
– Stability improvements

Version 4.2:
– Stability fixes
– Better Mac support

Version 4.0:
+ Big stability improvements on Mac and Windows
+ Unmount button to safely eject Oudie from computer
+ Only replaces weather container after it was copied and verified
– Does not delete manually copied weather files
– Properly notarized for use on Catalina OS
– 64-bit software

Version 3.7:
– Fixed a bug when Pair and Settings buttons were disabled

Version 3.5:
+ Support for Blade and Oudie 5
+ Improved Mac support
– Check CRC after download to device
– Distinguishes between Oudie 1 and Oudie 2
– Removed downloading of maps from Updater

Version 3.2:

+ Fixed bug where wrong software could be installed (Oudie 2 sw on Oudie IGC for example)

Version 3.1:

+ Added the SeeYou Cloud pair support for Hyper

+ Free disk space graph

Version 3.0:

+ SeeYou Cloud – My Devices

  • Pair your device with SeeYou Cloud
  • Automatic upload of flights to SeeYou Cloud
  • Automatic download of high resolution maps for selected region
  • Automatic update of weather forecasts for selected region
  • Automatic SeeYou Cloud license update

+ Added firmware update support for Hyper

+ Added firmware update support for Droplet

– Fixed Repair Oudie

– Fixed various bugs