Naviter Updater

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Naviter Updater helps keep your Oudie 1, Oudie 2, Oudie 3, Oudie 3+, Oudie 4 Basic & Full, Oudie 5 XC & Pro, Oudie IGC, Flytec Track, Hyper, and Blade in top shape. It runs on Windows and Mac. It waits quietly in the background until there is something you should know about the status of your device. That’s it!

What it does:

  • Updates airspace files
  • Updates software version
  • Uploads IGC files to SeeYou Cloud
  • Synchronizes Waypoints and Tasks from SeeYou Cloud
  • Downloads Weather forecasts (requires an additional subscription)
  • Downloads or updates High-resolution maps
  • Updates GPS AeroData Notams (requires additional subscription)

All that without pressing a button on your Oudie, Hyper or Blade.

Works beautifully on Windows and Mac.

Download for Windows Download for Mac OS

How to upgrade firmware on Oudie:

  1. Turn on Oudie and connect it to PC with the suppliled USB Cable
  2. Run Naviter Updater
  3. Click on Update next to “Firmware” if a newer version is available
  4. Once the firmware was copied to Oudie, disconnect it from the PC
  5. Reset the device (Turn off, then turn on again)
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the upgrade.

What’s new

Version 5.07, 13th May, 2024
+ New User Interface
+ Works natively on Mac and Windows
+ Supports all Oudie, Blade, Hyper and Element Track devices
+ Updates firmware, airspace, flights and Waypoints
+ Updates GPS AeroData (an additional subscription required)
+ Updates Weather (an additional subscription required)
– Settings menu
– Feedback menu
– Supports multiple connected devices in parallel
– Restore software procedure
– Sits silently in tray

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