Oudie Live – Alternate Bluetooth mode

There is a setting for Alternate Bluetooth mode in Oudie Live. It is recommended to keep it turned off unless you are experiencing one of these symptoms when your Oudie is connected to Oudie Live:
– Loosing Bluetooth connection between Oudie and your Phone after some random time
– Stuck progress bar on Oudie Live (Data transfer failed)
– Communication errors during flight transfer from Oudie to Oudie Live
– Communication errors when searching Soaring Spot tasks

If you are experiencing these problems you may try to enable the Alternate mode on your phone. To do this open Oudie Live app then go to Settings > Alternate mode > Enable. Enable this setting only if you’re experiencing any of the above problems. There is no guarantee that Alternate mode will fix your issue unfortunately.

With this mode turned on the communication will be much slower. But at least it might work where normal mode won’t due to known Android bugs.

Some Android devices – especially versions lower than Android 4.2 have problems transferring data over Bluetooth. At Naviter we strive to make software for everyone and go the extra mile for those who are unable or unwilling to upgrade to a new phone right now. The problems and symptoms vary from device to device.

Here’s a link about what you can do when you experience Bluetooth problems – an overview:
General Android Bluetooth problems and solutions

Here’s more very technical language about all this:
StackOverflow – Fatal error when closing BT socket
Android issue tracker – BT doesn’t turn on at all
Android issue tracker – Random pairing dialog on 4.2 (and lower we may add)
StackOverflow – Random pairing dialog (we had this on an Samsung Galaxy S2)

We have experienced no issues during our tests with Android operating system 4.3 and newer although this is not a guarantee either. It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest possible Android version on your phone if you are going to use Oudie Live. Another option is Cyanogen Mod too. Food for thought.