ConnectMe allows you to transfer the data between your home PC and glider instrumentation through the PDA, PNA or your Oudie. It comes preinstalled on each Oudie device. You are able to change your flight declaration minutes before takeoff without even having to change the cables.

This is free software. You may download it from this website and use it on your Pocket PC immediately.

You may also take a tour before you decide to download ConnectMe!

Features and Screenshots

Downloading flights cannot be easier. The Pocket PC is connected to your flight recorder during the flight. After landing, simply use ConnectMe to download the flight. No need to connect or change any cables.


The downloaded flights are secure if that\’s how they are stored in the recorder.

That means you can use the downloaded flight to claim badges, records and competition flights. The critical equipment (recorder and its cables) remains in the cockpit.

You may choose to download the flights to a flash card. This further simplifies the process. Download the flight, take the card and walk around with nothing but the card. Even the Pocket PC can stay in the cockpit!

Declare the task literally seconds before takeoff. No stress included since there is no need to even change the cables.


Did you forget to change your name in the flight recorder?
Did you change your mind about the task you wish to fly?

No problem. With ConnectMe it is a matter of seconds to put the right data back into the flight recorder.

Task Declaration is also supported in SeeYou Mobile where it is even more intuitive to use.

Sharing waypoints and routes between pilots and different recorder types has never been easier.

ImagePrepare the waypoints in SeeYou CUP format only.

ConnectMe will take care of the conversion to whichever format is needed for your recorder.

  • LXNav Nano
  • Colibri, LX 700x, LX 5000, LX 20
  • LX 4000, LX 400, LX 5000 (<6.0), LX 500
  • Volkslogger
  • Posigraph
  • Cambridge 302
  • Cambridge GPS-NAV
  • EW models A,B,C and D
  • Garmin devices
  • Flarm
  • Bräuniger Compeo, Competino
  • Flytec 5030, 5020
  • Aircotec XC Trainer
  • Zander GP940 and GP941
  • IMI Gliding ERIXX
  • NT Easy Flight recorder

An amazing team of people takes care of translating ConnectMe to your language.


Big thank you goes to:
. Lothar Dittmer (German)
. Alessandro Pessione (Italian)
. Christian Stuck (French)
. Jiri Cihlar (Czech)
. Osvaldo M. Ferraro (Spanish)
. Peter Igor Volf (Portugese)
. Jac. van Stratum (Dutch)

And many beta testers who have provided important input to ConnectMe application. Most notably Bob Lepp, Eric Greenwell, Dickie Feakes, Aleš Šuster.

Your language not supported? No problem. Write to us and we will be happy to show you what’s needed to translate ConnectMe. It takes noting more than a few hours!