Oudie IGC

Top of the line: Oudie IGC

Oudie IGC

Naviter proudly presents the Oudie IGC. It is an IGC approved Flight Recorder with sunlight readable Moving map display, Engine noise level sensor (ENL) and a huge battery.
Main features:

  • Everything preinstalled – turn it on and fly
  • Lifelong software updates free
  • Sunlight readable screen
  • Highest level IGC approval
  • Engine Noise level integrated for gliders with engine
  • Backup vario
  • More than 12 hours battery autonomy at full backlight
  • Only 11 mm thicker than Oudie 2
  • Weighs 350 g

Tip: In order to keep your Oudie always up-to-date with the latest software, firmware please install Oudie Updater on your PC. It will automagically keep your Oudie updated with minimum hassle for you.

For the MAC users only the manual update is available at the moment unfortunately. Please follow this link for the instructions:

Latest firmware for Oudie IGC

Features comparison between Oudie 2 and Oudie IGC

Oudie 2 LiteOudie 2Oudie IGC
Sunlight readable screen
“All you need” accessories in the box
Suction cup mount
Power supply cables (cockpit, car, home)
Everything preinstalled – ready to fly*
Software upgrades*
Database updates*
Flarm Radar*
External wind / pressure sensors input*
IGC File valid for OLC*
IGC File valid for Badges and World Records
IGC File valid for gliders with engine
Engine Noise Level recording
Backup vario
GPS forwarding to LXNAV V7 and LNAV
Upload flight declaration to external devices
Download flight files from external devices

* – Only with registered version of SeeYou Mobile

Flying with the Oudie IGC has been such a joy so far. Just like you guys I used to fly with an LX20 over the years