SeeYou Competition

SeeYou Competition is the ultimate tool for managing a gliding competition. By using external scripts it is useful for any kind of contests Рbe it gliding, para gliding or hang gliding.

Write the scoring script and go for it – You get a complete set of tools for task planning, scoring as well as publishing the results on the paper, big screen and on the web.

This software is part of SeeYou for PC. All you need to do to use it is place a banner on the contest website and ask for a free temporary license. Soaring Spot is the most widely used Competition Website, and works seamlessly with SeeYou Competition.

Scoring scripts on: GitHub

SeeYou Competition

IGC Mail (ZIP)
IGC Mail Help (PDF)
Validate G-record for NAV, XCM, XNA

Documentation for Scorers

Documentation for Developers