Oudie 2 is a Personal Gliding Assistant which aims at providing everything a glider pilot needs in one simple package. For this reason Oudie 2 is shipped with a sunlight readable screen, a complete set of cables and accessories which are required to install it in your glider easily. The proven Naviter software packages SeeYou Mobile and ConnectMe and worldwide maps are pre-installed. You can literally take it out of the box, turn it on and fly your glider.

Oudie 2 is the right choice if you have a hard time reading your PDA/PNA screen in your cockpit. Oudie 2 comes pre-loaded with SeeYou Mobile, worldwide vector maps, airspace and landing sites and unlimited firmware upgrades for the lifetime of your device. The package includes a suction cup mounting solution and all cables you will ever need in a glider cockpit. You can literally turn it on and fly as soon as you have received the packaged and charged the battery.

We have been asked numerous times “Which device should I buy to run SeeYou Mobile?”. Oudie 2 is the answer. It works seamlessly in combination with other Naviter products such as SeeYou for the PC, ConnectMe, Soaring Spot and others and it has a screen which remains readable even under the hottest sun.

Features and Specifications

Oudie 2 is delivered with the latest version of SeeYou Mobile. Vector maps for the whole world (topographical data, ground elevation data, cities, rivers, lakes, roads, etc.) are preinstalled. Airport and Airspace files for much of the world are also pre-installed. Your Oudie 2 is delivered in a package with the following items:

  1. Oudie
  2. USB Cable
  3. Oudie Power and Data Cable
  4. Car charger
  5. Universal wall charger with 4 different plugs
  6. Suction cup mount
  7. Cradle
  8. Universal RJ45 to DB9 Female converter
  9. Universal RJ45 to DB9 Male converter
  10. RJ45 Female/Female Gender Changer
  11. RJ12 Cable extension
  12. CD ROM
  13. Getting started manual
  14. Protection/Gift Box

Oudie 2 has a new LCD which is a significant improvement over the standard LCDs included in similar devices elsewhere. It is perfectly sunlight readable in cockpit even under direct sunlight.


ProcessorARM 11, 500 MHz
Built-in Flash8 GB
ButtonsOn/Off, Reset
Battery indicatorYes
Battery autonomy2.5h
Wall chargerYes
12V chargerYes
Size135 x 86 x 14 mm


Display5″ TFT LCD
Aspect ratio16:9


Built-in GPSYes
Mass StorageYes
Active SyncYes
External FlashmicroSDHC
Headphone3.5mm jack
Wired SerialYes
Pressure sensorsNo


Moving mapYes
Preinstalled mapsworld-wide
3D Airspace warningYes
Final glide calculatorYes
Thermal assistantYes
OLC optimizationYes
FAI Triangle optimizationYes
Team functionYes
Speed to fly indicatorYes
Outlanding databaseOptional
Glider polars124
Flarm RadarYes
Flight statisticsYes
Task statisticsYes
60′ statisticsYes
Navigation around TaskYes
Assigned Area TasksYes
Task declarationYes**
IGC approvedNo
Wind calculatorCircling/Straight***
File ReplayYes
Flight recorderYes


*Thermal assistant degraded due to lack of pressure sensor inputs
**If connected to external flight recorder
***If connected to external pressure sensor data

  1. Power switch
  2. Charging indicator
  3. Headphones jack
  4. microSD Card slot
  5. mini USB connector
  6. Stylus
  7. Speaker
  8. Reset button

There are three basic ways to connect Oudie to the GPS source. You can choose which option you would like to use thorugh Menu > Settings > Input dialog in SeeYou Mobile.

1. Built-in GPS

The built-in GPS in Oudie is always on COM 1 > 4800bps. You can setup the Oudie to use internal GPS by selecting Menu > Settings > Input > Internal GPS

2. Serial cable connection to external GPS source

The supplied Serial data cable and converters enable you to connect to external data source such as your Variometer, Flight data recorder, anti-collision device or similar. You should always use COM 4 on Oudie for this type of connection.

The supplied Data/Power cable has a RJ45 connector by default with standard IGC pinout. Several converters are included in the box which enable you to connect to flight recorders with RJ12 or DB9 connectors. Special cables are also available as an accessory for a very simple direct connection to selected flight recorders such as LX 7007, CAI 302, LX 1600 etc.

3. Bluetooth

Another way to receive external data is to connect through Bluetooth. Go to Menu > Settings > Input > Bluetooth to pair Bluetooth device with Oudie.
K6 Bluetooth device has a special protocol where it is possible to change baude rate which enables the download of flights from some flight recorders. It is fully supported in Oudie.


Oudie is delivered with a variety of cables and converters which enable you to connect Oudie to your almost any logger “out of the box”:

1. Power and data cable
ImageIt provides power to Oudie and (optionally) to the device which is connected to the RJ45 connector. It has three connectors:
. mini USB connector must be connected to Oudie
. black and red cable must be connected to 12V power supply (red is 12V, black is ground).
. RJ45 connector with standard IGC pinout

Use directly with these devices: Swiss Flarm, Volkslogger, K6 Mux, VW1150

2. RJ 45 Female/Female Gender Changer 

This connector can be used for extending the 8-wires cable using another RJ45 connector (for example ethernet cable). It can also be used to connect RJ12 connector with 6-wires cable which can be used for data communication with Colibri, LX 20/2000, MiniBox, RedBox and other devices using RJ12 connectors.

3. 20 cm cable extension with male RJ12 connectors

ImageThis is an extension cable which can be used for both power and data transmission between Oudie and connected device. It must be used together with RJ45 Gender Changer. Use RJ45 Gender Changer and RJ12 cable extension directly with these devices: Colibri, LX 20/2000, MiniBox, RedBox

4. RJ45->DB9 Male and Female converters

ImageThis is a “do-it-yourself” DB9 converter. The converter pinout is free. You can pin any wire from the RJ45 connector to any pin on the DB9 connector. Typical use:
. LX 5000, LX 7000, Standard RS 232
. LX 160 (NOT the “si” version – see the warning below)
. Zander/SDI GP940 and GP941

WARNING: If you are attempting to connect to devices which provide 5V on any of the pins please make absolutely sure that the pin where the other device provides 5V is not connected to the White or Brown wires (pins 1 and 2 on RJ45). This will cause collision and possibly damage to both connected devices! Take particular care when connecting the following devices: Cambridge 302, LX 7007, LX 1600, LX160si and others with built-in 12->5V converter.

The following cables are not included in the box, but are available as chargeable optional extras:

. CAI 302 / Zander ZS1 (when used with Rotary Switch) / Baumi Cable

Connects all models of Cambridge 302 with Oudie. This is a direct cable from CAI to Oudie which provides both power and data communication between Oudie and CAI 302. The same cable can be used also with Zander ZS1 when connected to the Zander Rotary Switch. It can also be used with a Baumi converter.

. LX Cable

Connects LX 7007, LX 1600, LX 160 si with Oudie. This is a direct cable from LX devices to Oudie which provides both power and data communication between Oudie and LX instruments.

Please note that these cables use 5V power for charging the Oudie. For this reason please make sure you do not use these cables in any other setup than the one recommended by the manual otherwise you risk damage on either Oudie or connected device.

Upgrading the firmware on the Oudie is as simple as downloading one file from www.naviter.com, saving it in the root of your Oudie’s Resident Flash memory and resetting the Oudie.

If you need more instructions this is the whole procedure:

1. Download the Update executable from www.naviter.com to your PC (or directly to Oudie, then skip to #5):

2. Connect your Oudie with PC using the USB cable which was supplied in the box

3. Once connected, tap “Connect to PC” or the USB Stick icon on Oudie

4. You should now see Oudie as an external Mass Storage drive on your PC (named TFAT)

5. Copy UpdateOudie.exe to the root of your Oudie device

6. Reset Oudie or press and hold the On/Off key for 1 second and select “Power off”. Then power it back on by holding the button for another second.

7. Wait until it boots into an Update dialog box

8. Press “Update” and wait until the process is finished

9. Reboot the Oudie one more time, then it is updated.

Copying files to Oudie is exactly that. If your Waypoint and Airspace files are already in a format which is recognized by SeeYou Mobile, then all you need to do is copy them over and select to use them through Menu > Settings > Files.

If you have prepared your files in SeeYou, then you can also used the Mobile Wizard which is built into SeeYou already.

First page of the Mobile wizard allows you to select the Items you wish to transfer to the device.

Second page gives you the possibility to select basename and destination folder for the data you have selected to upload on the first page. For Oudie choose “Copy to my Computer” as the destination for your files.

Third page asks you to draw a rectangle for the area you want to transfer to

Fourth page shows progress in transferring or saving your files.


Several accessories are available for your Oudie:

  • Protective Carry case for Oudie
  • LX Cable for easy connection to LX 7007, LX 16x, LX 160x
  • CAI, ZS1 and Baumi cable for easy connetion to 302, ZS1 Rotary Switch etc.
  • Ouide Power cable
  • Suction cup mounting kit
  • Spare Stylus

In addition to those Naviter is perfectly capable of servicing any malfunction on your Oudie 2 under warranty or otherwise.

What others say about Oudie 2 and the new display:

The new display is a blast. Anyone who saw it was impressed with it. I can not remember a single situation where it would be difficult to read in the sunlight

Markus Frank, current European Champion in Open class after flying with Oudie 2 in France

I have to say the new screen is really good, big improvement no question. The new screen will be very well received by customers based on my experience.

John Seaborn, Team USA after getting one just prior to the Uvalde Worlds

I'm not giving you this one back!

Milan Petković in Bitterwasser, Namibia after we asked him to test it for us where the sun shines perpendicularly to the ground

Erazem, something is wrong with your Oudie - I can't see anything!

Maks Berčič after we secretly swapped his Oudie 2 with an Oudie 1 just for fun 🙂