Profilic USB-Serial Driver

First and second generation Flytec varios with integrated GPS (Series 5000 and 6000, Bräuniger IQ Competino / IQ Compeo as well as IQ Basic GPS / IQ Competino+ / IQ Compeo+) use a so-called USB-to-serial interface for their communication with a computer. This requires the installation of a driver on the computer, which is available from the website of Prolific, the developer of USB-to-serial chips:

For Microsoft Windows: Prolific PL2303 Windows Driver Download

For Mac OS X: Prolific PL2303 OS X Driver Download

The download contains instructions. If there are issues with the driver installation, we recommend to follow the steps at the end of the instructions and to uninstall the driver, restart the computer and re-install the driver.

Third generation varios (Flytec Element, Flytec Connect 1, etc.) work without such a driver. These devices register on the computer as a mass storage device, allowing file-based data exchange.

Flytec varios and Windows 8 or Windows 10

With Microsoft’s release of Windows 8 and later 8.1, access to flight data or configuration of older Flytec devices through a USB cable is no longer working. The manufacturer of the USB/Serial converter chip took the opportunity with Windows 8 to enforce a generation change of his products. But in the meantime we can offer a solution:

Flytec 5020 / 5030 / 6010 Series 1 (Bräuniger IQ Competino / IQ Compeo / IQ One+ Series 1)

Those devices communicate with a PC through an external USB/Serial converter. The newest generation of these converters, which are available from us now, is also compatible with Windows 8.x and later

Flytec 6010 Series 2 / 6015 / 6020 / 6030 (Bräuniger IQ One+ Series 2 / IQ Basic GPS / IQ Competino+ / IQ Compeo+)

Here, the USB/Serial converter is built-in as a chip. New devices, which are ordered from us as of today, are already equipped with the newest version of this chip, and therefore compatible with Windows 8.x and later. All existing devices can be upgraded. Within the warranty period, it is for free. For older devices, the upgrade costs CHF/EUR/USD 45, and includes a complete cleaning and a firmware update.

Updates for 6010 / 6015 (IQ One+ / IQ Basic GPS) can be performed by any of our Naviter Repair Centres.

The update for 6020 / 6030 / 6040 (IQ Competino+ / IQ Compeo+) is offered by:

Test software

This is how you can test if a device is compatible with Windows 8.1 (only works on a PC running Windows Vista or Windows 7!):

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