Please purchase your Naviter products through your nearest Naviter Dealer. If there isn’t one in your country you can use the links below to purchase directly from Naviter. Thank you!

SeeYou Subscription

59 € / year incl.  VAT*

Includes SeeYou Cloud, SeeYou Navigator for Android & iOS as well as SeeYou for PC. Renews automatically each year.

Oudie IGC

Oudie IGC

990 € incl. VAT*

The ultimate version of Oudie with the highest IGC approval for records and competitions. 10 hour battery life from one charge.

Oudie 2 Sunlight Readable Screen

Oudie 2

599 € incl. VAT*

Oudie 2 Lite359 € incl. VAT*
The original Oudie version. Needs external power but comes with all required cables in the box. Connect it to your 12V power and fly.

Oudie Accessories

Protective carry case for Oudie23 € incl. VAT*
LX Cable for connection to LX7007, LX16x, LX160x66 € incl. VAT*
CAI302, ZS1 and Baumi Cable66 € incl. VAT*
LX 8000/9000 Cable120 € incl. VAT*
Oudie Leg strap & Jacket41 € incl. VAT*

* All values above are net prices. Tax amount may vary depending on your country.

VAT for customers within EU
According to EU guidelines, private customers from within EU are required to pay the VAT on electronic products. Please follow this link to read more about VAT on electronic commerce. Additional information is available during ordering. Companies from the EU are not required to pay VAT if they enter a valid VAT ID.