SeeYou Change Log

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Version 1.17.16, released 1st October, 2021

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Version 10.60, released 14th July, 2023

SeeYou for PC v10.60

+ Calculate AAT result faster
+ Same logic for pie-slice AAT sectors as LX9000, Oudie
+ Make QR code optional on the Task sheet
– Load long filenames correctly
– Update airports from Navigator DB
– Update glider pilors from Navigator DB
– Fix coloring of ENL values when average ENL is low
– Ability to display SHA256 checksum of the scripts
– Fixed startup deadlock due to corrupt weather DB
– Show Logbook in SeeYou Cloud panel
– Fixed logger interval warning

SeeYou for PC v10.51
– Bugfix in Task QR code

SeeYou for PC v10.50
+ Task QR Code printed on the task sheet
+ Share task by QR code through Edit > Task properties > Share
– Updated bigger SkySight regions with more detail

SeeYou Cloud v1.17.16, 1st October, 2021
+ Live Satellite image overlay for the last 5 days
+ Task management changed
+ Latest tasks that changed
– Minor bugfixes
– Mobile usability fixes

SeeYou for PC v10.45, 14th July, 2023
– Bugfix: Do not make Auto QNH correction when only GPS altitude is recorded in IGC file.
– Bugfix: Drawing wind on track when strength or direction is undefined.
– Bugfix: Incorrect display of L/D between Mouse position and current glider position.
– Bugfix: Opening IGC files from Oudie N where task is set.
– Handling password changes improved

SeeYou Cloud v1.15.8, 1st October, 2021
+ Landout fields
+ Navboxes with data from phases
+ AGL Navbox
+ New source for Search box
+ Takeoff and Landing locations updated and fixed
+ Aircraft names more readable
+ Webcams display enhancement
+ Webcams database enlarged
– Turnpoint numbering fixed
– Latitude and Longitude fields on Waypoint details (editable)
– Task waypoint snapping fixed
– Mobile usability fixes

SeeYou for PC v10.43
– Bugfix: Opening IGC files with extensions in J and K records

SeeYou for PC v1.42
+ Option to show bad fixes in IGC files (Tools > Options > Flight > Show bad fixes)
– Option to colorize bad fixes in IGC files (Tools > Options > Flight > Colorize bad fixes)
– Support for new TopMeteo regions
– Bugfix: Saving CUPX files with corrupt payload
– Bugfix: Opening IGC files with unknown extensions in K and J records

SeeYou Cloud v1.14.3
+ Setting for showing waypoint name or code or both
+ Show icons for airports
+ KK7 Skyways layer
+ KK7 Hotspots layer
+ Sort tasks by distance in collection
– Better visible task leg and direction numbers
– All flights have understandable takeoff and landing locations
– Bugfix: Landing location is the same as takeoff location (also when this is not the case)
– Bugfix: Logbook totals correctly sum manually edited flights

SeeYou Cloud v1.13.17
+ Logbook
. Manual flight entry
. Edit totals on a given date
. Automatically add flight from SeeYou Navigator
. Automatically add flight uploaded through Naviter Updater
. Filter flights by year, takeoff country and location
. Filter flights by length and custom text
. Add Photos and Video to flight
+ Webcams on Dashboard
+ DMSt Viereck in XC Planner
+ Russian translation
+ Chinese translation
+ Share Task (open Task context menu, then Share)
+ Pilot’s Public feed
– Re-organized context menus for XC Planner
– Updated Satellite images for the whole world
– Setup Integrations in Settings and MyDevices
– Open SeeYou for IGC files (Android only for now)
– 127 other small improvements and bug fixes

SeeYou for PC v10.41
+ Upload to OLC re-enabled (by the OLC)

SeeYou for PC v10.40, 14th July, 2023
+ New SeeYou Cloud panel
+ Changes needed to work with SeeYou Cloud Logbook
+ Support for Distance Handicap Task (used at E2Glide)
– Fix for handling airspace with a single point
– Minor bug fixes

SeeYou Cloud v1.10
+ Keyboard shortcuts (press K to see all of them)
+ Wind indicator around glider
+ Clicking on a phase in statistics moves the glider position there
+ New setting in My Devices “Automatically sync Task and Waypoint files”
+ Choose your sport in settings and SeeYou will adapt to it
– Entry of turnpoint sectors now different for different sports
– When graph is collapsed, a slider is displayed to move the glider
– Removed top row in Map views to increase viewing space (especially on mobile screens)
– Turnpoints drawn on graph as a vertical dashed line
– Improved following of glider in 2D animation
– Discreet steps for animation speed
– Toggle waypoints visibility
– Toggle task visibility
– Toggle FAI Area visibility
– Improved phases statistics table and column order.
– Added column for time since start to phases statistics
– 84 other improvements and bug fixes

SeeYou for PC v1.33
– Removed OLC Upload (read more)
– Minor bug fixes

SeeYou Cloud v1.7
+ Webcams
+ Automatically show or hide FAI Areas
+ Many more Wave layers for SkySight
+ Explore Airspace on the map (click, then select airspace)
+ Weather cross-section for any location (click anywhere on the map)
+ New Outdoor map look and feel
+ New Satellite images for a stunning 3D view everywhere
+ Significantly improved colors for Satellite images
– Fixes for Safari. SeeYou is now usable on an iPad :)
– SeeYou Outdoor maps are used on Soaring Spot
– Minnesota and Balkans region added to SkySight integration
– Ability to enter an alternate email address in your Profile
– Serious speed-up of rendering very large lists of waypoints and tasks
– 57 other small improvements and fixes

SeeYou for PC v10.32
+ Runway Width field added to Edit Waypoint
– Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

SeeYou for PC v10.31
+ Scoring for eGlide competitions
+ Soaring Spot competition migration to Test server
+ More wave layers from SkySight forecast
+ https on Soaring Spot Public API
– Waypoint files from LX 9000 now import correctly
– server fixed, now works normally
– other minor improvements and fixes

SeeYou Cloud v1.6
+ Dashboard with Weather, Latest flight, Latest Tasks
+ New landing page for not logged-in users
+ Satellite Images from SkySight
+ Duplicate task
+ Download task from Menu
– SeeYou Outdoor maps are used on Soaring Spot
– Minnesota and Balkans region added to SkySight integration
– Ability to enter an alternate email address in your Profile
– Serious speed-up of rendering very large lists of waypoints and tasks
– 104 other small improvements and fixes

SeeYou Cloud v1.4
+ Enabled multi-language support in SeeYou Cloud
+ New waypoint icons
– Image size and speed optimizations
– Fixed: Compare to bug in barogram

SeeYou for PC v10.1
+ Annex A scripts on GitHub
+ Pilot Event Marker start Pilot Event Marker start supported Scripts
– Fixed: Declutter waypoints
– Fixed: AY MTMA not recognized in OpenAir files
– 8 other small bug fixes

SeeYou Cloud v1.2
+ My Devices
+ Add device wizard
+ Settings for my devices (Upload IGC file, Download Weather & Maps)
+ Supported devices Oudie 1/2/3/3+/4/IGC & Blade
– Remember last map position
– Rearranged Main Menu
– Login improved (stays logged in for longer and easier)
– Numerous bug fixes

SeeYou X
+ Sync Waypoints&Tasks between SeeYou for PC and SeeYou.Cloud
+ Support for new SkySight regions
+ Uses to manage your SeeYou account
+ Improvements to decoding MOP messages for Jet engines
+ Allow Waypoints and Tasks to be saved in all supported formats
– Speed up initial SeeYou startup
– Speed up recalculation of possible Tasks (now done in the SeeYou Cloud)
– Speed up weather overlay downloads (removed unnecessary bulk download at startup)
– Fixed: Show weather in US until midnight local time (used to be midnight UTC)
– Fixed: Missing convection height in the US for TopMeteo
– Fixed: SkySight projection (now aligned with lakes and coast)
– Fixed: Display Task from LXNAV S100
– Fixed: Hide Speed Section Finish in tasks for gliders
– Fixed: Sorting columns in SeeYou Competition
– Fixed: Open Waypoints in GPX format
– Fixed: Saving CUPX Files
– Fixed: Graph freezing for select custom parameters
– Fixed: Login to Soaring Spot
– Fixed: Waves display for SkySight
– 27 other bug fixes and minor improvements

Version 9.2
+ New airports database with 8.33 kHz frequencies
+ Airports database will update asynchronously
+ European Airspace files updated
– GDPR compliance changes
– Tweak: Advise TopMeteo users with 2h forecasts to upgrade for integration with SeeYou
– Bugfix: When editing task in text mode it was not saved
– Bugfix: Show thermal height for TopMeteo forecasts
– Bugfix: Too optimistic task forecasts. Less too optimistic now
– Bugfix: Export vector maps for SeeYou Mobile
– Bugfix: What’s new link went to the wrong URL

Version 9.1
+ Weather: Download data for selected regions only

+ Weather: SkySight Convergence layer (Choose Wave forecast, then Convergence layer)

+ Weather: TopMeteo area now includes Morocco
+ Much faster download of maps
– Improvement: Support for new TopMeteo authentication API
– Improvement: Download original IGC files from Soaring Spot (Contest Properties > Options > Download original IGC files)
– Improvement: Correct handling of landing time for various special cases
– Tweak: Correct handling of data through SSL
– Bugfix: Registration dialog kept spinning
– Bugfix: Missing Total Points in SeeYou Competition
– Bugfix: Values were in the wrong columns in SeeYou Competition
– Bugfix: Windows 10 message “there is no printer currently selected”
– Bugfix: Incorrect column names in SeeYou Competition
– Bugfix: Printing did not work in unlicensed SeeYou Competition
– Bugfix: Track colouring in 3D view
– Various bug fixes

Version 9.06
– Bugfix: Calculation of Total points in SeeYou Competition

Version 9.05
+ Significantly improved display of Waves with better data

Version 9.02
– Tools > Options did not open
– Columns in SeeYou Competition were mixed up
– Stability fixes

Version 9.0
+ SkySight weather forecast integration
+ Wave forecast with SkySight
+ New areas for weather forecast – Australia, Argentina
– Tweak: Downloading terrain files over SSL
– Tweak: Opening very short IGC files
– Bugfix: Printing did not work in unlicensed SeeYou Competition
– Bugfix: Track colouring in 3D view
– Various bug fixes

Version 8.3
+ More contrast in track coulours
+ Time table (Zeitplan) from TopMeteo forecast
+ Printable Time table (Zeitplan)
+ G-force graph
+ Custom extension graphs
+ Arrows on Task lines showing direction
+ Option to navigate by shortest route around the task
+ MoP calculated same way as ENL
+ Paragliding sector scheme
– Bugfix: Deleting labels from cloud
– Bugfix: File > Search fixed
– Bugfix: Preview in Open dialog
– Bugfix: Stability of the Pilot Edit window
– Various bug fixes

Version 8.2
+ Badges optimizations (to be continued)
+ Ability to upload Ranking List IDs to archived competitions
– Bugfix: All Waypoints & Tasks windows now behave consistently
– Bugfix: Delete waypoints from CUPX file
– Bugfix: Long startup times
– Bugfix: DMSt task falsely not marked as completed
– Bugfix: Hide TopMeteo when unregistered
– Bugfix: Removed Takeoff and Landing from Tasksheets
– Bugfix: Removed TopMeteo from Tasksheets
– Bugfix: Memory allocation problems fixed

Version 8.11
+ Displays frequency and airspace callsign in hint
– Bugfix: Did not display waypoint labels when vector map was switched off
– Bugfix: Quick consecutive printing printed the wrong map

Version 8.1
+ TopMeteo downloads weather data on demand (less data, quicker)
+ Wider TopMeteo slider on TopMeteo panel
+ Declutter of labels on the map
+ Nicer labels on the map
+ CUB file supports Frequencies (load and save)
+ Competition: Ranking list lookup in Edit > Find Ranking List IDs
– Competition: Improved ENL detection algorithm
– Competition: Fixed import pilots from CSV files
– Save Task to SD Card now supports Assigned Areas
– Some informational messages moved to tray
– FAI Spheroid renamed to FAI Sphere
– Updated translations
– Bug with rendering at custom DPI of 168%
– Miscellaneous small bug fixes and UI tweaks

Version 8.06
– Minor bug fixes

Version 8.05
– Bugfix: Error while loading weather data – take 3

Version 8.04
– Bugfix: Error while loading weather data – fixed
– Bugfix: Import Doubleseater pilots to Competition
– Bugfix: Weather generated at – Date format fix

Version 8.03
– Validation for Pressfinish Flight recorder
– Drag and drop of multiple IGC files opens them in one window
– Bugfix: Display of airspace heights in ft (rounded)
– Bugfix: Do not display town names when map is off
– Bugfix: Freezing on the new home screen
– Bugfix: Freezing when selecting a task for Today

Version 8.02
– Bugfix: Freezing after opening CUP file
– Bugfix: Manual downloading of the whole continent didn’t work after 3 hours

Version 8.0
++ Planning flights with Top Meteo weather overlay (Instructions)
++ Every Tuesday Top Meteo integration is free
+ New Dashboard
+ 3-Day forecast widgets
+ New improved and more accurate Satellite Images
+ Task length overlay in Tasks window
+ Save task to SD Card
+ Soaring Spot Test Environment
– Import/Export pilots in SeeYou Competition
– If no airspace is loaded in SeeYou Competition default airspace is used
– Prevent duplicate logger IDs in SeeYou Competition
– Scoring LXNAV ZIP-file
– Columns for Ranking List IDs and others in SeeYou Competition
– Bug fixed when saving CUP files

Version 7.21
+ Added option to Overwrite My Waypoints and Tasks when opening
– Bug fixed when saving CUP files

Version 7.20
+ Remake of the Waypoint management (click here)
+ “My Waypoints & Tasks” is the new name for the default database
+ Drag and drop waypoints between windows
+ Drag and drop tasks between windows
+ Import from Waypoints Wizard both to My Waypoints & Tasks or currently open window
+ Open CUC and CUCX files with double click from anyhwere
+ Alt 1 – 4 change views in Waypoints and Tasks windows
+ Frequency column in the Waypoint Details dialog
+ Waypoints can be sorted also on Frequency column
+ Competition: New Pilot Edit dialog (click here)
+ Competition: New Inactive airspace selection dialog (click here)
+ Competition: Default scoring scripts renamed according to Annex A
+ Competition: Archived competitions can not be edited (click here)
+ Competition: API for Soaring Spot for 3rd Party integration
– Ctrl + A in Waypoint List and Waypoint Details selects all waypoints
– Ctrl + S saves the currently open Waypoints file
– Fixed: Flight remains in “Calculating task” and does not open
– Fixed: Printing of the map selection
– Fixed: Upload Open Air files to SeeYou Cloud
– Competition: Don’t ask to select class on competitions with only one class
– Competition: Naming convention for Tasks/Days same as on Soaring Spot
– Competition API: Constant IDs for Pilots and Contestants in the database
– Competition Fix: SeeYou used to ask for “Note to pilots” when results changed to unofficial / official
– Competition Fix: Glider sector airspace is now considered again (overrides any other airspace)
– Small bugs and usability fixes

Version 7.11
+ Competition: Download IGC files from Soaring Spot if they are not present locally
+ Improvement: Upload of competition results on weak internet connections
– Improvement: When vector map is hidden display waypoint names with black font
– Improvement: Unambiguous error messages when opening a competition
– Bugfix: Airspace disappearing when highlighted – fixed
– Bugfix: Switching between classes with combo box in toolbar
– Bugfix: Width of the Phases column
– Small bugfixes

Version 7.10
+ Hide inactive airspace on Task sheet
– Improvement: WP icons are back where they were before
– Improvement: Keyboard shortcuts to switch between WPTs and Task windows
– Bugfix: After switching class wrong class showed up
– Bugfix: Sorting on code field was very slow (made SeeYou unresponsive)
– Various improvements and small fixes

Version 7.09
– Publishing stalled during upload

Version 7.07
– Bug fixes for Soaring Spot
– Bug fixe for task planning in normal SeeYou mode

Version 7.03
– Bug fixes for Soaring Spot

Version 7.02
– Bug fixes for Soaring Spot upload

Version 7.02
– Bug fixes for Soaring Spot upload

Version 7.0
+ Soaring Spot 2 / SeeYou Competition
+ Waypoint files opens an own. Open, edit, save it. No import to database.
+ Waypoints and tasks integrated into one window
– Ctrl + W now closes window like in Chrome
– 92 tasks completed for Soaring Spot / SeeYou Competition
– Minor bug fixes and optimizations

Version 6.24
– Fixed: 3D black glider
– Fixed: bug with J and K record parsing
– Fixed: Printing bug (wrong map zoom)

Version 6.23
– Fixed: 3D Texture error (black 3D terrain)
– Minor usability fixes

Version 6.21
+ Several significant bug fixes
– Fixed: SeeYou would not start
– Fixed: SeeYou would not register or log in to SeeYou Cloud
– Fixed: ‘Show airspace here’ did not work without a map
– Fixed: Airspace limits text formatting in the OpenAir file
– Fixed: Proxy settings
– Fixed: Impossible to delete default color schemes
– Fixed: Reset button for the default color schemes

Version 6.2
+ New Airspace overview (right click)
+ New Hint boxes
– RMZ Radio Mandatory Zone – new airspace type
– Support for extended OpenAir format command AY – airspace type
– Bug fixed when importing pictures to IGC file (time was wrong)
– 7 other minor usability and stability fixes

Version 6.18
– Bug fixes
– Stability fixes

[changelog v=”6.17″]
Version 6.17
– Small improvement in handling of changed passwords for SeeYou Cloud

Version 6.16
+ Bugfix version
– Deleting flights from the Cloud panel
– Zooming the barogram with mouse (Ctrl + scroll wheel)
– Updating the map in Flight properties > Observation zone

Version 6.15
– Fixed bug with uploading files to Soaring Spot (all files were uploading each time in version 6.12)

Version 6.12
– Fixed updating of validation DLLs. Flarm now validates fine again
– Bug fixed when reading task observation zones from the IGC file
– Save to CUPX format bug fix
– other minor bug fixes

Version 6.11
– Unregistered user experience: bug fixes

Version 6.1
+ New Vector maps with 100x more detail than previous maps. Worldwide
+ Satellite images for the whole world(registered version only)
+ IGC Ranking list integration in SeeYou Competition
+ Significant improvement in the speed of moving the map
– Fixed bug with printing the task
– Fixed bug with uploading to Soaring Spot
– A few memory leaks fixed
– Small improvements and optimizations
– Bug fixes

Version 6.03
+ Check the status of your licenses at
+ Registration now works on Crossover for Mac and in Wine
+ Does not update to a newer version if your subscription is expired
+ Translations complete for many languages
– Automatic language selection at new installation of SeeYou
– Fixed special characters in Danish language
– Works fine through Proxies again
– Bug fixes

Version 6.0
+ Registration through SeeYou Cloud – like Android and iOS
+ Hints, tips and other warnings will now appear unobtrusively in the tray
+ Anti-alias for airspace and waypoints
+ Waypoints are now displayed with outlined fonts
+ SeeYou Competition can evaluate task stored in IGC file
– Bug fix: Upload in SeeYou Competition sometimes uploaded all files
– Many performance improvements
– Bug fixes

Version 5.43
– “Madrid bug” really fixed ;)
– Minor bug fixes

Version 5.42
+ Significant speed improvement in the Airspace drawing algorithm

Version 5.41
+ Upload to OLC added to the Edit menu
– Performance improvements and bug fixes in the 3D rendering
– Bugfix when flight parameters were displayed incorrectly
– Bugfix when turnpoints from New Zealand appeared in Spain
– Minor bug fixes

Version 5.4
– Direct Upload to OLC (
– Direct Upload to XContest (
– Direct Upload to XC Globe (
– Direct Upload to DHV-XC (

Version 5.38
– Minor stability and usability fixes

Version 5.37
– Bugfix when opening CAI files
– Bugfix for placing the Optimization panel on the screen
– Bugfix when installation hung while giving access permissions to files
– Bugfix when importing MDS files

Version 5.36
+ Important bug fix. If were unable to open flights in 5.35 this bug fix should resolve the problem. Please report to whether or not this version runs normally. Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience.

Version 5.35
+ Find My Flight functionality just like on your iPad
+ Changed the tools we work with to open SeeYou into the future
– Fixed several bugs when working with the SeeYou Cloud
– Look and feel changes
– Many minor bugfixes

Version 5.31
+ New Flarm DLL which will work with Flarm version 5.09 and later
+ Works much better under CrossOver on Mac
– Minor bugfixes

Version 5.3
+ Do not use this version please

Version 5.21
– midnight bug from version 5.2 fixed. Please upgrade.

Version 5.2
+ Responsive SeeYou Cloud panel
+ Drag and Drop to and from the SeeYou Cloud panel
+ Drag and Drop operations inside the SeeYou Cloud panel
+ Always uses Ellipsoid to measure distances
– Well behaved – according to Microsoft recommendations
– All translations updated
– CUC always saves flights in its subfolders
– CUC always uses also binary files
– misc. bug fixes

Version 5.1
+ Featured free channels on SeeYou Cloud for viewing flights from WGC in Argentina
+ Improved management of Labels on SeeYou Cloud
– User interface improvements for SeeYou Cloud
– Updated translations
– Bug fixes

Version 5.0
+ First full implementation of SeeYou Cloud
+ Bulk upload to SeeYou Cloud (also drag and drop)
+ Support for Labels in SeeYou Cloud
+ Nested labels when uploading a folder to SeeYou Cloud
– Minor bug fixes
– Major stability fixes

Version 4.32
+ Bug fix at creating user on SeeYou Cloud. Do not use SeeYou 4.30! Sorry.
+ Actual numbers for finish altitude infringements and other warnings in SeeYou Competition
– Updated many translations
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.3
+ First SeeYou Cloud implementation
+ Easily access flights recorded by SeeYou Recorder for Android and iPhone or iPad
+ Easily access flights downloaded by Nano Config Android App

Version 4.24
+ Values for Warnings are displayed in the Warnings panel where applicable
+ Some manufacturers have updated their validation DLLs based on feedback from scoring offices
– When viewing competition flights Task time is always considered ‘minimum task time’ as per Annex A
– New warning for ‘Start altitude is more than’
– If ‘Time required below start altitude’ is used then start altitude is the highest altitude in this time frame
– Task start groundspeed calculated and displayed according to Annex A
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.23
– dump logs could not be analyzed by Naviter due to a bug

Version 4.22
+ Updated handicap database with new DAeC Handicaps
+ Updated airfields database
– SeeYou Competition minor fixes in handling takeoff altitude
– minor bugfixes

Version 4.21
– Added ability to disable validation in SeeYou Competition
– Unambiguous validation messages
– Elevation bug fixed (pressure altitude was not fixed to ground)
– Bug fixed when adding pictures
– Instruments work in Statistics view – bugfix

Version 4.2
+ Pictures linked to IGC files
+ New IGCX file format which embeds pictures in one file
+ Drag and drop pictures to Flight Window
+ Large graphic instruments
+ Validation of flights
+ Time limit for AAT flights is always considered as Minimum time
+ LX Nav Nano flight recorder supported
+ New CUPX file format for Waypoints with pictures
+ New very accurate coastline data worldwide
+ Entering pilot details in CUC through Load from IGC button
+ UTC offset added to CUC file parameters (overrides UTC offset in IGC file)
– Added tab Pictures in Edit > Flight Properties
– Checking whether picture was taken during the flight
– New button P in the lower left corner for turning the picture icons on/off
– Photos are synchronized with flight animation
– Latest photo’s icon is drawn on map during animation
– Clicking on a picture moves current flight position there
– Pictures which were not taken during flight are added at begin or end of flight
– Abbility to change camera time under Advanced Options of the Photos tab
– Updated Roads, Rivers and Lakes with the latest OSM data
– Validation of flights also with DOS vali-.exe files
– Different rendering of airstrips from OSM
– Vali-CU.dll for validation of SeeYou Mobile/Oudie flights
– Finish ring calculation fixed
– Class name and Task date are printed top right when printing from CUC
– In Graph view Airspace is drawn on top of the grid lines
– No altitude correction when GPS altitude is used
– New default IGC file (includes pictures)
– UTC offset in CUC overrides UTC offset stored in IGC file
– Lots of bug fixes

Version 4.13
+ Simplified upgrade procedure
– Bug fixed: Mobile Wizard connection through Active Sync

Version 4.12
– Bug fixed: SeeYou Competition did not remember Soaring Spot key
– Bug fixed: Altitudes in Airspace hintbox were mixed up in 4.11
– Bug fixed: Refreshing of the map when changing the WAVR settings

Version 4.11
– Spanish and Dutch tanslations added
– ERIXX logger communication DLL updated
– FLARM communication DLL updated

Version 4.1
+ Support for Proxy (Tools > Options > Proxy)
+ Mobile Wizard asks to wait until all data has been downloaded
+ You can pre-download selected area through Mobile Wizard
+ Checkbox for Airspace files determine which airspace is visible
+ Fixed color added to KML/KMZ export for easier replay
– Bug fixed: 4.01 could not upload to Soaring Spot
– Other bug fixes
– numerous performance enhancements

Version 4.0
+ Automatic download of vector maps from the cloud
+ Vector maps based on
+ New color scheme Open Street Maps for those flying in the flats
+ Automatic update of airspaces from the cloud
+ Inline offset for Airspace border for better map clarity
+ OLC-plus optimization
+ Support for GPX format (import and export)
+ Support for Google KML/KMZ (export)
+ SeeYou Mobile Wizard for Oudie
+ Checking flight integrity
+ LX Nav Nano communication DLL
+ ERIXX logger communication DLL
+ City labels highlighted
+ OLC Super Direct Claim removed from SeeYou due to OLC restrictions
– Automatic check for newer version
– Proxy settings for those behind one
– Support for new Sporting Code rules about height loss
– Zooming in/out with mouse wheel zooms at the location of the mouse
– fixed communication with Flarm (firmware 5.x)
– Corrected HGT files updated
– numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements

Version 3.95
+ Task Declaration to Flarm (corrected and improved)
+ Task Declaration to flash cards (Flarm and EW)
+ Daily QNH Setting for SeeYou Competition
– fixed task uploading problem for Flarm
– improved 3D view for speed and compatibilty issues with new cards
– bug fixes in competition module at total script and day rank
– fixed algorythm for determining soaring begin
– minor bug fixes

Version 3.94
– fixed problem with LX Navigation and Volkslogger DLL
– minor bug fixes

Version 3.92
– misceallaneous other bug fixes

Version 3.91
+ Automatic upload to Soaring Spot
– Wrong handing of SUA airspace fixed
– UTC offset Bug fixed
– misceallaneous other bug fixes

Version 3.9
+ 18 glider models for 3D
+ Autoselection of a glider model for 3D
+ Order your own personalized glider model
+ Added option for Start on observation zone entry
– misceallaneous other bug fixes

Version 3.81
+ Airspace updated for 2008
+ Support for Aircotec XC Trainer
+ Upload flight declaration to Flarm
+ Added option for Start on observation zone entry
– import Competition script from TXT file
– bug fixes in communication DLLs
– misceallaneous other bug fixes

Version 3.81
+ Single click upload of competition data to Soaring Spot
+ Added Std.Alt parameter
+ Binary files can be used for scoring
– Fixed bug when empty task saved to XML
– fixed decoding airway width in Openair format
– New warning in CUC if no ENL recording is found on a motorglider flight
– bug fixes in communication for VL, GPS-NAV and Zander DLLs

Version 3.72
+ Abbility to open a ZAN formatted flight file
– bugs fixed in the communication DLLs for VL, EW Micro and GP940
– fixes for Flight submit to OLC version 2
– added new Lat/Lon formats with greater precision
– abbility to select which Sector descriptions are printed

Version 3.71
– bug fixed in the communication DLLs

Version 3.7
+ Zander GP940/941 support
+ EW Micro recorder support
+ NT Easy recorder support
+ Completely rewritten Contest XML
– task notes in print can be enabled/disabled
– Changes to OLC Flight Claim dialog
– unit abbreviation for miles changed to mi
– miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 3.65
+ Two Observation zone schemes with start/finish line added
+ Notes added to Day Properties in SeeYou Competition. They are stored in CUC
+ Contest XML is now UTF-8 encoded
– Task sheets can now be printed from SeeYou Competition
– fixed problem with uploading CAI 302 files to OLC
– modified algorythm for landing detection
– more precise sunrise/sunset calculation
– bug fixed when reading LXN flight from SD Card

Version 3.62
– ‘Folder does not exist’ bug fixed in Mobile Wizard

Version 3.61
+ Support for HOLC 2007
+ Bulgarian translation
– GPS-NAV bug with storing glider type worked around. Glider type now displays OK
– Mobile Wizard is never disabled
– Mobile Wizard checks existance of the destination folder before upload

Version 3.6
+ Support for OLC 2007
– glider index can now be a decimal value
– added user strings to XML in SeeYou Competition
– misc tweaks for IGC file parsing

Version 3.5
+ Support for Flarm
+ SIS-AT optimization
+ New graphs for TAS and Netto vario
+ Bulgarian Cyrilic translation
+ New color schemes for TAS and Netto vario
+ New way of downloading SRTM data
– CUC XML extended with distance_number, speed_number, start_number, finish_number and duration_number
– CAI files are converted with CONV-CAI.EXE if it is installed
– Takeoff location in Flight Claim dialog is now read-only
– Fixed bug with map group identification
– Fixed bug with LXN conversion into IGC
– Fixed problem with LX 7007 vario recording causing wrong start time
– Help field in Options is never empty

Version 3.4
+ fixed important bugs in LX and Volkslogger communication DLLs
+ new tags in Competition module
+ Total script can modify daily points
+ Improved downloading of HGT data
– improved calculation of task statistics
– added translations
– chaged FAI Triangle factors for DMSt2006

Version 3.31
– Corrected bug with OLC upload
– Windsock is not shown in 3D if no wind data is available

Version 3.3
+ Support for OLC 2006
+ Support for multiple start points
– Improved HGT elevation model
– New vectormap color scheme Zebra by Robert Tobler
– Shutdown device action for Garmin GPS devices
– Reset device action for Volkslogger
– 1000m altitude difference rule supported in FAI 3TP optimization

Version 3.2
+ Support for EW models B and D
+ Rewritten Garmin communication DLL
+ Further improved Straight statistics
+ FAI free goal flight optimization
– Right click on the W button opens a dialog which allows you to select visible types of waypoints
– Preliminary results can be entered manually and are then overwritten with Auto Evaluation
– Options added to the Contest properties. No need to edit XSL files anymore
– Total score in CUC is calculated up to the selected day by default
– Corrected problem with uploading to HG/PG OLC
– Oversooting the AAT sector problem fixed
– HLP help files are not supported any longer. CHM and PDF versions will be supported in the future
– Zero-byte HGT problem fixed
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 3.1
+ 100m resolution maps in 2D view
+ FAI Optimizations for Goal, Out and Return, FAI Triangle and Free 3 turnpoint tasks
+ Support for Garmin USB devices
+ Support for Cambridge 302 devices
+ Wind is calculated in straight flight if TAS/IAS and GS are stored in IGC file
– Pan/Zoom/Measure modes in 2D view. F2 switches between the modes
– Average indicated airspeed shown in statistics
– Windsock in 3D view
– Raster maps can be grouped for faster switching on and off
– Corrected problem with loading HGT data in 3D which caused the progress bar to stop in the middle
– Terrain quality added to 3D options dialog
– Progress bar shows downloading of HGT files
– Sun angle for shading can be setup in Options > Vector Maps
– Support for new IGC rule for reduced leg distance when using 500m cylinders
– Histograms in statistics have a legend
– Plane turns into the heading direction (crabbs with cross-winds)
– New items added to Flight properties: Wind, AGL, IAS, TAS, Trk, GPS Alt. Nett, Wind component
– Wind units added to Options > General
– It is possible to open several flights from Day results in SeeYou Competition
– New parameter CompID for the competition scripts
– Printout of all competitor’s details
– Minimum and Maximum length of Speed/Distance task adopts new IGC rules
– Custom synchronization of flights in Animate > Synchronization
– Revised engine detection algorythm
– New legend for Multiple flights, GPS Status and Airspace check color schemes
– Ticks at a given time-separation can be setup in Options > Flight
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 3.0
+ Shaded terrain in 2D view
+ 100m elevation model in 3D view
+ Elevation data is automatically downloaded
+ Wind in statistics
+ Bar graphs in statistics
– Wind display in 2D view
– misc. tweaks

Version 2.82
– Cambridge GPS-NAV logs are now easily uploaded to OLC
– Claiming to OLC 2005 possible without applying the patch
– misc. tweaks

Version 2.81
+ US Sectional Charts
– Manual scoring of a flight in CUC
– improved Mobile Wizard

+ New Waypoint types
+ New features in SeeYou Competition
– Improved Mobile Wizard
– Airspace violation fix time changed
– Improved detection of Engine running
– Saving files changed so that it keeps the validation intact
– Day performance dialog has a checkbox for ‘Flight already evaluated’
– New warning if takeoff altitude is much different from takeoff altitude
– Task picture is saved with a unique filename
– Changing a value in registry allows you to calculate distances from crossing the start line or middle of the start line

Version 2.7
+ Improved Mobile wizard (save to file, select basename)
+ Selection of 3D icons through Options
+ ICAO and other raster maps can be ordered from us
– Improved redraw in 3D window
– Competition version has new Show Message function
– Task record added to the scripts in Competition version
– Mobile Wizard is freeware (it never expires)
– New 3D models for paraglider and hangglider

Version 2.6
+ Mobile wizard for SeeYou Mobile
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 2.51
– CAI file attached to IGC after download from logger
– improved circling algorythm

Version 2.5
+ Support for SeeYou Raster maps (CMR)
+ Communication with Cambridge flight recorders
+ Support for IFOS Raster maps
– New 3D model for CIT Vector maps
– Corrected errors in CIT maps
– miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 2.4
+ SeeYou G-record for flights downloaded from Garmin and MLR
+ Norwegian language
+ Total Script, Leg information, new Warnings for SeeYou Competition
– DAFIF Airspace
– Ctrl+F7 locks the view relative to the glider
– Speed over triangle shown in Statistics
– OpenAir airspace can be colored with the colors as defined in the file
– SeeYou Help updated to version 2.4
– Miscellaneous bug and translation fixes

Version 2.33
– added regions for OLC Canada and HG/PG OLC
– airspace improvement
– bug fixes

Version 2.32
– various bug fixes

Version 2.31
– lxnav.dll fixed
– Alt+Left/Right jumps between waypoints
– New airspace namerica.txt
– Wrong fixes at the begginning are ignored
– Translation changes
– Units fixed in the Task speed graph
– List of gliders updated for OLC

Version 2.3
+ Communication with MLR
+ SeeYou Competition according to 2003 Annex A
+ SeeYou Competition Help
+ Finnish translation
+ 2003 Airspace for DE,CH,AT,FR,UK,USA
+ Airspace is shown in 3D
– Animation with only selected part of fligth
– Smoothed 3D camera
– Airspace naming changed to ICAO Classification
– Airspace visible in Graph view
– New graph for Task speed
– New Color scheme for Task speed
– New Flight parameters for Distance on Task, Speed since start, Speed on task
– NMEA Output in Animation
– Legend shows the current value of the selected flight parameter
– Optimized waypoints are named after the closest Waypoint from user database
– Office 2003 Toolbar theme

Version 2.21
– fixed OLC error handling
– fixed vector maps drawing

Version 2.2
+ Communication with Bräuniger Galileo
+ Claiming for DMSt 2003
+ Portugese, Danish and Swedish translation
+ Glider in 3D view
– Improved optimization for DMSt

Version 2.1
+ Communication with Garmin
+ Optimization for DMSt 2003
+ Calculation of distances on WGS 84 Ellipsoid (Sphere still possible as an option)
+ German and Italian Help for version 2.1
+ Sunrise and Sunset times displayed in Statistics
– Improved optimization for OLC 2003
– Power(x,y) and Ln(x) functions added to Competition scripts
– Bugs cleared from creating Ilec Waypoint files
– Improved export to Cambridge Waypoint files
– Improved drawing of Airspace zones
– Corrected detection of FAI/Free Flight in Tasks mode
– Add Pilot buttons in Flight Properties, OLC Flight claim and Connection Wizard dialogs
– Background color selection (sea=blue for example)
– QNH altitude is corrected to the landing altitude if takeoff was >100m above the landing.
– support for CouTraCi files
– focal length of camera in 3D can be adjust with Ctrl+11,Ctrl+F10
– 3D Textures are singnificantly. Try higher Texture size setting!

Version 2.01
+ Ground shadow added in 3D view
– Miscellaneous translation fixes
– Waypoint sorting problem fixed
– Volkslogger serial number problem fixed
– Miscellaneous data transfer bugs fixed
– NDB waypoint format import and export fixed

Version 2.0
+ 3D Maps
+ Communication with Filser devices (LX 5000, LX 20, DX 50)
+ Communication with Colibri, LX 7000 and Posigraph devices
+ Communication with Volkslogger devices
– Many changes to the options dialog
– Vastly accelerated drawing of raster maps
– Ruler icon in the bottom left corner
– Vector map colors can be shifted up easily
– Line and Move origin can be set as default sector types
– numerous bug fixes

Version 1.9
+ Optimization supports OLC 2003

[changelog v=”1.85″]
Version 1.85
+ Croatian language
+ Maximum altitude gained in statistics
– Day tag and performance tag added to competition scripts
– If pressure altitude is not recorded, GPS altitude is used
– Takeoff=Soaring begin added to Options->Statistics
– Improved DMSt optimization algorithms
– Fixed problem with time separators

Version 1.84
+ SeeYou Competition
– Select Soaring begin, Soaring end or Pure glider in Flight properties
– Glider handicap can now be a decimal number
– Task time is printed in hh:mm format

Version 1.83
+ Search for flight through Ctrl+F
– Option to stop optimization after the flight opens
– Option to disable an optimization to start
– Triangle distance is always in kilometers, task distance in selected units
– Status bar can be hidden
– Fixed legend bug
– Fixed bug when opening a flight with no B records

Version 1.82
– Fixed bug with OLC Flight submission

Version 1.81
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 1.8
+ Redesigned Optimization dialog
+ DMSt optimization
+ Enhanced one click OLC Direct function
+ New airspace for Germany, Switzerland and Austria
– Using keys to change camera position in 3D view (up, down and shift+arrows)
– Ctrl+F12 opens a dialog in 3D view with camera position data
– Flight parameter and Phase column settings are saved upon exit
– FAI Area can be printed and saved as BMP or JPG
– miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 1.71
+ one click OLC Flight submission
+ WinPilot Waypoint and Task format supported
+ Customization of columns in Phase statistics and flight parameters
– Using keys to change camera position in 3D view (up, down and shift+arrows)
– Ctrl+F12 opens a dialog in 3D view with camera position data
– Flight parameter and Phase column settings are saved upon exit
– FAI Area can be printed and saved as BMP or JPG
– miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 1.7
+ FAI Triangle assistant
+ OLC Support for Hang-gliders and Paragliders
+ Zoom option for Print Preview
– OLC Support for all countries
– improved optimization for Garmin GPS users
– improved start/end detection for Hang-gliders and Paragliders
– date added to flight parameter hint box
– phase statistics’ column width is saved on exit
– animation rate is saved on exit

Version 1.61
– misc.language corrections
– combo boxes length adjustments
– fixed bug with negative altitude in animation

Version 1.6
+ Printing of Phase stats, Task sheets, Task Catalogs
+ Submitting of multiple pilots’ flights to OLC
+ More options for 3D view
+ Line as sector type
+ Flight parameters can be sorted horizontally and vertically
– Copy&Paste of Phase stats for further analysis
– Interpolation of start and finish times
– Further improved optimization of flight
– Task color scheme
– Open multiple flights with one file – .MUL
– Multiple Waypoints edit

Version 1.5
+ 3D view with textured ground and sky
+ Flight phase statistics
+ Import of Cambridge CAI flight files
+ Import of waypoints from supplied database
– Maps can be saved as Bitmaps or JPEG pictures
– New look for Options window
– Setup options for 3D view
– Zooming with mouse wheel
– Legend prints out where applicable
– Task can be assigned to a flight from catalog
– Keyboard shortcuts for views (Alt + number)

Version 1.41
+ Polish language
+ Hungarian language
+ US competition sectors support
+ Separate Mountain and Flatland Vector Map colors
– Open with desktop function
– Altitude restriction on sectors
– Decimal values accepted when setting up observation zones
– Custom Color Schemes for Vector Maps can be saved
– Open preview available for binary flight files

Version 1.4
+ 3D viewer
+ Assigned Area and Pilot Selected Task support
– Active flight is changed with double-click in Flight Parameters
– Task Description can be edited in Task Properties->Options
– Animation can be synchronized on landing times
– Flights are saved under a different name by default
– Improvements in decoding Filser and OpenAir Airspace files

Version 1.31
+ Czech language and Help
+ Extended statistics for Circling and Straight
+ Support for Westerboer and Print Technik Waypoints
+ Support for Tim Newport Peace airspace format
– Improved engine detection algorithm
– Total engine time in statistics
– Hint appearance time can be defined in options->Misc.
– Event markers are shown on the map
– More settings when saving waypoints

Version 1.31
+ French, Spanish and Dutch languages
+ English and German Help files (F1)
+ Pop-up help (Shift+F1)
+ Graphical Waypoint manipulation
+ Support for Cenfis Waypoint format
– Much improved import of bad or broken flights
– Default UTC offset setting
– GPS altitude graph
– Approximately 4 times faster optimization
– A bag of minor bug fixes

Version 1.21
– Added Altitude difference to Options->Optimization dialog
– Fixed bug in the OLC Flight claim for Western Hemisphere

[changelog v=”1.2″]
Version 1.2
+ German and Italian language
+ Vector maps can be scrolled to any place (GoTo dialog=Ctrl+G)
+ Support for OpenAir airspace format
+ Direct upload to On-Line Contest
– Zoom History list and Zoom back function (Ctrl+B)
– Copy and Paste from Waypoints to Excel (or another – Ctrl+V, Ctrl+C)
– Improved task planning – no more preset Waypoints needed
– User sort style for saving Waypoints
– Support for Cambridge DMS,DMM,DDD format
– Improved optimization for online contest
– Different glider Symbols in animation
– fixed decimal delimiter bug for Ilec files and Garmin files

Version 1.11
+ Support for Garmin track files (.trk)
+ Airspace verification (Ctrl+I)
– Extended support for ILEC SN10 waypoint file
– Description added to waypoints
– Improved optimization of FAI triangles
– Added glider index box, different captions to Optimize window
– Correction to searching algorithm for glider index

Version 1.1
+ Flight optimization according to 2001 OLC rules
+ Customization for flight optimization
+ Support for Ilec SN10 Waypoint format
+ File->Open dialog with Route and Barogram preview
– Waypoint style Mountain top added
– Task planning improved, Task Information window added
– Statistics for task finished several times
– Improved statistics for recording intervals more than 12sec

Version 1.03
– Fixed bug when exporting the OLC file from southern Hemisphere

Version 1.02
– Time color scheme added
– Flight data is shown on printed pages instead of current date
– Minor bug fixed when sorting tasks on distance
– Delete all waypoints message now shows correctly

Version 1.01
+ Added Volkslogger Waypoint format
– Reading Cambridge DAT files in DD:MM:SS and DD:MM.mmm corrected
– Corrected optimization for largest free flight for a selected part of flight
– Missing flights in Filser LOG and LO4 files will appear now
– Message, if there is no flight data in file