Oudie / Blade Change Log

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Version 9.43
+ Updated list of Polars
+ List of polars is in sync with SeeYou Navigator
+ non-EU frequencies supported for Flarm & Fanet (Blade and Oudie 5)
– Minor bug fixes

Version 9.42
+ New FANET firmware, valid until 2025
– Minor bug fixes

Version 9.40
+ Updated list of Polars
+ List of polars is in sync with SeeYou Navigator
– Bug fix – airspace warnings

Version 9.39
+ Updated list of Polars
+ List of polars is in sync with SeeYou Navigator
– Minor bug fixes

Version 9.38
+ New FANET firmware, valid until 2024
– Minor bug fixes

Version 9.37
– Observation zone sectors load correctly from saved tasks

Version 9.36
+ New version of FANET firmware, valid until 2023
– Minor bug fixes

Version 9.34
+ Fixed problem with NODATA showing for GPS
+ Changed behavior of the Pilot Event marker according to IGC specification
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.33
+ Support for Naviter Bluetooth Dongle
+ Support to load GPS-AeroData from MicroSD card
– Bug fix: Speed to Gate navbox
– Bugfix: GPS Forwarding navbox
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.31
+ GPS AeroData airspaces and NOTAMs supported

+ Updated translations (Chinese, Russian, etc.)
– Bug fix: Transfer via Micro SD card
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.25
– Oudie IGC: fixed OLC 1-minute gaps

– Improvement: Download for Flarm and LX Navigation devices
– Bug fix: Flarm connection with Oudie and correct target display
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.23
+ SeeYou Maps are working also without an active SeeYou Subscription

+ Acoustic Speed To Fly for Blade
+ World Magnetic Model database updated
– Improvement: German translations
– Stability bug fix for Oudie 5
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.22
+ Support for Burnair weather stations
+ FANET modes for ground status implemented
– Improvement: Turn off Flarm on Oudie 5 independently from FANET  
– hardware version info available in About dialog
– distance circles are shown only on demand (Display Options setting)
– Improvement: Weather Menu button is shown after the software update
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.19
+ Fix for Clockjump on OLC
+ New FANET+ firmware version (Oudie 5)
– Use GPS altitude for FANET communication
– Fixed year 2028 filename bug
– Updated list of polars
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.18
+ Pilot Event marker is forwarded to Flarm (Gliding)
+ Improved support for Pilot Event Start procedure (Gliding)
+ Support for FANET+ in Oudie 5 (Paragliding)
– Fixed showing PowerFlarm IDs
– Fixed problem with Date in the filename
– Fixed problem with showing “Magnetic data outdated”
– Minor bug fixes

Version 9.15
+ Support for Pilot Event Start procedure (Gliding)
+ Blade in the list of Instruments accepted for FAI Category 1 competitions
– Minor bug fixes

Version 9.13
– Info page was flickering up and down

Version 9.12
+ Re-introduced relative altitude for Flarm/OGN targets
+ Naviter Updater shows free space on Oudie while connected
+ Naviter Updater mamages the use free disk space on Oudie
– Display SeeYou Maps location when loaded in Menu > Settings > Files
– Bugfix: Task Distance not shown until start line crossing
– Bugfix: Restore settings bugix
– Bugfix: Changing Units
– 18 other minor fixes

Version 9.10
+ Weather on Oudie
+ Mac and Windows version of Naviter Updater
+ Pair Oudie with SeeYou Cloud account through Naviter Updater
+ Button to Settings for Oudie on SeeYou Cloud in Oudie Updater
+ Upload flights to SeeYou Cloud through Naviter Updater
+ Automatically update weather each day through Naviter Updater
+ Automatically update Awesome SeeYou Maps on Oudie
+ Updated airport frequencies
+ Blade – first version
– Automatic update of SeeYou Cloud license file through Naviter Updater
– Redesigned UI for Naviter Updater
– Improvement: Support for SeeYou Cloud licenses
– 16 other minor fixes

Version 9.04
+ GPS Rollover fixes for the far future (near future no problem as-is)
+ World Magnetic Model update so your Magnetic bearing navboxes will be correct
– Bugfix: Speed last hour showing >60.000 km/h, fixed
– Bugfix: SeeYou Cloud Maps had errors and displayed blue boxes instead of terrain, fixed.
– Improvement: Support for SeeYou Cloud licenses

Version 9.02
– Fixed: Map key was showing code AAAA-AAA-AAA-AAA on some devices

Version 9
+ SeeYou Cloud maps integration in Oudie
+ Support for new license file from SeeYou Cloud
– 2D fix is now stored as invalid
– Fixed: Storing Copilot name
– Fixed: Showing nearest airspace when stacked
– Fixed: Storing altitudes in HFALG field

Version 8.12
– Fixed: Finish altitude could be zero when task downloaded from Soaring Spot
– Fixed: Fatal crash during flight when connected to Flarm. You must upgrade if connected to Flarm
– Tweak: Task speed navbox renamed back to Task.Sp.
– 6 other minor fixes

Version 8.10
+ Relay Flarm targets to OGN
+ Gear warning
+ More granular airspace warning settings
+ Altitude gained navbox
+ Icons which display source of radar targets (Flarm, OGN, Oudie)
+ Show absolute altitude for Radar targets
+ Upload task to FR even when not connected for navigation
– PG/HG: Default polars for paragliders and hang gliders
– Improved handling of Buddy list
– Dont show stealth caption on map screen
– Added “Click here to update” to remove ambiguity in updater
– Own OGN ID is displayed if you verify connection
– Do not change target to a dot if it’s more than 3 km away
– Fix: Oudie IGC – Upload task over Bluetooth ended with Nodata, fixed
– Fix: Sometimes IGC is invalid on SD Card when copied automatically, fixed
– Fix: Jumpy Time To Go navbox under some circumstances
– Fix: Transfer to SD Card works even if target doesn’t have destination folders
– Fix: Crash entering task when map is disabled – thanks Alan Barnes!
– 14 Other minor fixes

Version 8.03
+ OGN Buddies – see your Buddies wherever they are
+ Designated start & Gate intervals for sailplanes (CIVL rules supported since v5.0)
+ Oudie transmits your position to OGN when connected to Oudie Live
+ When connected to a Flarm Oudie becomes a floating OGN receiver in the sky
+ Alarm and notification when on final glide for your Task
– Important fix: Oudie freezes after downloading flihgt from external logger. Fixed.
– Important fix: Boot up to correct version after updating the software
– New altitude header records (in line with GNSS specification document)
– Fixed: Task transfer to LXNAV devices (minor incompatibility)
– Fixed: Font size
– Fixed: Filter dialog showed scrollbar
– Fixed: Wind indication > 5000 km/h
– 13 Other minor fixes

Version 7.40
+ GPS Forwarding on Oudie IGC
+ Loading waypoints in GPX format
+ Updated glider polars
+ Download from device copies the IGC file to SD Card automatically
+ Warnings for Class and Type of airspace are separated
+ Enter airspace frequency in airspace edit dialog
+ Mark optimal start point for the task (shortest route)
+ Significant speed-ups in file writes
+ The above enabled an automatic NMEALog for the last few horus of each flight
– Reset distance to last thermal *after* you leave the next thermal
– When inside the sector the distance to sector will be negative
– Flarm stealth mode improvements
– Don’t draw FAI area in thermal assistant
– Scan Volume health in OudieUpdater.exe
– Fix: Magnetic calculation heading
– Fix: Start new flight if clock jumps at the beginning of the flight
– Fix: NODATA after waking up from sleep
– Fix: Disappearing start time box
– Fix: finish point moved to start point if longitude was same
– 28 other bug fixes

Version 7.21
+ Improved wind algorithms
+ $GPRMB is forwarded also from Oudie IGC
– Action for map change works also when screen is locked
– Fix for Bluetooth lookup
– Fix for finish point that moved to the start point if longitude was same
– Fixed Magnetic calculation heading

Version 7.1
+ New Wind algorithm – enhanced for gliding
+ Airspace Frequency displayed in Airspace Alert window
+ Airspace Callsign displayed in Airspace Alert window
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 7.02
– Reordered Settings menu to make it more contextual

Version 7.01
+ Oudie 4 for paragliding (instant vario)
+ Oudie 4 Basic software (paragliding)
+ Transfer settings and tasks between Oudies
+ Reordered Settings menu
+ Icons for all items in the Settings
+ Move navboxes option
+ Airspaces updated
– Highlighted items more clearly in menu
– Skip files in folders that start with . (Mac)
– More space in Airspace menu (avoid finger trouble)
– Test vario button in settings

Version 6.61
– Bugfix: Oudie IGC can report Security broken by mistake

Version 6.5
+ Download task from Soaring Spot
+ Upload flight to Scoring office (for competitions running on Soaring Spot)
+ Arrows on task legs showing direction
+ Inline offset fill for current turnpoint (when fill is transparent)
– Flarmview shows Jet and other symbols for different targets
– Point created in Task > Map view shows also height
– Bugfix: Taskbar jumping up and down when hidden
– Miscellaneous small bug fixes

Version 6.41
– Bugix: switch map in USA

Version 6.4
– User interface for decision whether to download flight from external device automatically
– Bugfix: Vario symbol shows automatically (need to go to Menu > Settings > Symbols > Vario > visible)
– Small bugfixes

Version 6.31
+ Soaring Spot integration complete
+ Quick Pan mode option in Display Options
+ Vario Mute option in Display Options
+ Navboxes for Track and Heading with Letters for orientation
+ Sunset times optionally Sunset+30′ or Civil Dusk/Dawn

Version 6.3
+ Oudie Live integration extended
+ Prepared for new Soaring Spot features
– Add waypoint crates a point at the current location if you tap the notification
– Start altitude shows in current unit in the notification
– UTC Offset now used in Statistics
– Minor Bug fixes
– Various reliability improvements

Version 6.21
– Bug fix: QNH offset bug

Version 6.20
+ Bug fix: GPS lagging when connected to Flarm

Version 6.17
+ 2015 Airspace update (9 countries)
– Bug fix: Thermal assistant displays latest track on top
– Bug fix: Filenames of the new profiles
– Bug fix: Adjusting QNH in flight with Auto QNH enabled

Version 6.16
– Bug fix: Task Upload to Nano by Bluetooth

Version 6.12
– Bug fix: Task button did not auto advance

Version 6.1
+ Latest airspace is always part of the upgrade package
+ Last flight from connected flight recorder is automatically copied to SD card after landing
+ New airspace type Radio Mandatory Zone
– PC Simulator versions are signed with Naviter certificate for security
– German airspace now shows in full (previously only parachute zones due to a bug)
– 12 other bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 6.0
+ Oudie (all versions) can be connected to internet (using Oudie Live)
+ Automatic upload of flight to SeeYou Cloud (using Oudie Live)
+ Live tracking with LiveTrack24 (using Oudie Live)
+ Oudie IGC can download flights from external flight recorders
+ Oudie IGC can read pressure data from external varios
+ Automatic QNH correction before takeoff
+ IGC file is copied to microSD card automatically if card is present in the Oudie
+ Replay flight from Menu > Logbook > Statistics > Tools > Replay flight
+ New default color scheme (more contrast, especially in flat land)
+ Automatic airspace selection with SeeYou Database (updated through Oudie Updater)
+ Communication with LXNAV V7 perfected. Needs an update of V7 firmware to 4.0
+ Japanese user interface
+ Korean user interface
+ Add waypoint on the map
+ Download last flight from external flight recorders with a menu command
+ New default profiles (selection of default navboxes, colors etc)
– Logging switches to 1s when near turnpoint sector
– New default settings for airspace warnings (less warnings)
– New default settings for airspace visibility (less thick lines)
– Updated Magnetic declination data
– tDelta for AAT bug fixed, it is now stable before and after the start
– 40 other minor improvements
– 34 bug fixes

Version 5.2
+ Extremely important fix for Oudie IGC. Do not use Oudie IGC with version lower than 5.20
+ Multipage keyboard which enables you to enter many more characters
– Minor bug fixes

Version 5.16
+ Very important bug fixes – please DO NOT use version 5.12
– Wind direction in combination with some devices wrong for 180 degrees – fixed
– Pressure altitude synchronization with external devices – fixed
– Optimization falling to zero – fixed
– Engine running dialog appearing often – fixed
– No L/D display – fixed
– All of the above problems could surface because of one important bug in version 5.12. All of the known ones are now fixed.
– IMPORTANT: Do not use SeeYou Mobile version 5.12

Version 5.12
– Important memory leak fixed
– takeoff/landing detection fixes
– Wind calculations patches
– SeeYou Mobile always starts in serial input mode
– LXNAV V7 settings removed (setup V7 on the V7 – it’s better)
– Goal Up orientation defaults to Heading Up when no target is selected and after finish
– Bug fixes

Version 5.11
+ SoaringBegin detection was flawed in 5.10, this is an important fix
+ Changed Oudie 3 GPS settings for slow speeds
– SeeYou Mobile always starts in serial input mode
– TAS input supported for Oudie 3 Droplet
– Goal Up orientation defaults to Heading Up when no target is selected and after finish
– Bug fixes

Version 5.1
+ Snappy changing of zoom
+ Coloured track (by vario, speed, fixed etc)
– Optional decluttering for Waypoints and Landable fields
– Adjustments for Oudie Updater
– Bug fixes

Version 5.0
+ Menu > Display options > Sideview
+ Statistics in the Logbook
+ Airspace borders with outline (until specified zoom)
+ New faster graphics engine
+ Long IGC filenames
+ New statistics page: 2.5 hour statistics (for OLC League)
+ Decluttering of labels on the Map page (automatic)
+ True transparency for navboxes, airspaces, sectors etc
+ Items on maps can now be transparent (such as cities)
+ Easily set navboxes with Value only and outlined font
+ Coastline visible even when terrain is off
+ Support for Japanese and Chinese fonts – translators wanted!*
+ Edit task on map significantly improved
+ Thermal assistant track colored by Vario now
+ Different entry of task by keyboard (Insert, Edit)
– Navbox: Altitude 2.5 hours ago (for OLC League)
– Navbox: Task Required altitude
– Sample display in Settings > Navboxes. WYSIWYG
– Preserve file and date time
– Max logging interval: 10s
– Teakeoff and landing detection significantly improved
– Outline property for fonts (black text with white border etc)
– UTM calculator (Paragliding only)
– Many new Waypoint formats supported (Paragliding mainly)
– New faster screen rotation routines
– Many performance improvements
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.5
+ Completely redesigned Thermal assistant
+ Possibility to zoom automatically while circling (part of the new Thermal assistant)
+ Alarm when Mode C/S warning is issued by Power Flarm
+ Mode C/S display when connected to Power Flarm or other ADS-B receiver with this functionality
+ Ellipsoid distance calculations (Settings > Misc)
+ Select to navigate to Last thermal, Takeoff or Soaring Begin at the top of the Goto dialog
+ Calculate polar coefficients from within SeeYou Mobile (Settings > Polar)
+ * Updated airspace files worldwide
– Wide and colored track when thermalling
– LXNav Nano support bug fixes
– Navbox Actions for “Previous Turnpoint” and “Next Turnpoint”
– Navbox “Zoom in” and “Zoom out”
– Accurate display of Observation zone for large sectors
– Possibility to enter Hex characters in Terminal
– Last Thermal navboxes (direction and distance)
– Settings dialogs don’t return to Map automatically if you are not flying
– Logging of PFLAL sentences when connected to Flarm for easier and more automated search and rescue
– Easier navigation in Settings. Page button returns you to the overview of pages
– Workaround for task declaration bug in TRX1090
– Improved Recovery logic
– Performance improvements
– Many bug fixes

Version 4.4
+ Full support for SIP (outlanding database from Streckenflug.at)
+ Closed optimization navbox (back to takeoff)
+ Engine running navbox
+ New polars
+ Ability to enter water ballast in kilograms
+ Ability to select Takeoff as navigation point
+ Ability to select Soaring Begin as navigation point
+ Improved support for LX Nav Nano
+ Support for Flarm communication version 5.09
+ Multiple start points
+ * Updated airspace files worldwide
– Changed the function of the Insert button on the Task entry page
– Recalculate task when task changes
– Send Target information to LX Nav V7
– More contrast on critical Airspace alarm
– Ability to select Launch type (on foot, tow, winch or selflaunch)
– Many bug fixes

Version 4.34
+ * Ability to run other software on Oudie
+ * firmware optimizations for brighter Oudie screens
– minor bug fixes

Version 4.33
+ Delcare tasks and download flights from LXNav Nano
+ Important stability fixes for Optimization
+ Airspace Alarm text changed to increase contrast and readability
– Copilot name added to pilot name (bug fix)
– minor bug fixes

Version 4.32
+ * Adjustments for Oudie 2
+ Airspace Alarm text changed to increase contrast and readability
+ Out of reach Flarm target becomes a circle
– Fixes in V7 connection and setup (needs new V7 firmware)
– Bug fix for Westerboer VW1150 (don’t use older versions with this device)
– FlarmNet integration bug fixes
– miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.30
+ Start out of the top of the Cylinder
+ Significantly improved coastline at smaller zoom levels (<50km)
+ SeeYou Mobile PC Simulator has Oudie skin
– CAI 302 task declaration includes waypoint heights
– Oudie -> LNAV RMB sentence correction
– WinCE/Windows Mobile Virtual Memory Limit fix
– Oudie did not show \SDMMC as an option to save declaration from Flarm
– miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.2
+ CUPX Waypoint file format with pictures
+ Completely redesigned Airspace warning
+ Supports Multiple airspace files
+ Ability to change airspace limits (lower limit in particular)
+ Three new Near Airspace navboxes (Near AS.H, Near AS.Alt, Near AS.V)
+ FlarmNet details page
+ Logbook page
+ Terrain Shading
+ Radar can show ADS-B targets from Garrecht TRT devices
+ Support for LX Nav V7
+ Regional Settings combo in Settings > User Interface
+ * GPS Forwarding
+ * Airspace database update
– Fixed bug where task would not start or finish (Thank you, Richard Frawley!)
– * Oudie synchronizes internal clock with GPS by default
– * Ability to disable GPS Fallback in Settings > Hardware
– Distance to all armed airspaces is shown on the map
– Settings > Navboxes adds a combo box with groups (includes Currently in use)
– Navbox for Altitude in meters(independent of selected units)
– Navbox for Altitude in feet (independent of selected units)
– Navbox for L/D since last thermalling (Thermal L/D)
– Task Page now shows Radius 1 for each turnpoint (useful when setting up AAT)
– Full screen menu for Task > Tools menu
– Device volume is stored in Profile
– Boot-up time optimized for speed
– Redesigned Settings > Map dialog with predefined schemes
– New navbox action for Waypoint details
– STF symbol bug fixed
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.1
+ * GPS Fallback (if data stream is lost it switches to internal GPS automatically)
+ * Dead reckoning is off
+ * NMEA-Out for L-NAV and EW D
+ * Automatically goes to sleep if charging is lost
+ OLC 2011 optimization (for plus add the Triangle optimization navbox)
+ Significant update for Flarm (5.x firmware)
+ Added support for ERIXX logger
+ Runs automatically on LX Mini Map
+ Automatically displays flown task in AAT sectors
+ Battery state navbox
+ Near Airport navbox (tap opens details)
+ Near Outlanding navbox (tap opens details)
+ Fixed bug which could caused freezes in-flight or during entering task
– Final glide algorithm accounts for side-wind
– NMEAlog folder should be placed one folder above mSeeYou.exe
– Fixed saving waypoints in .DAT format (ConnectMe)
– New setting for UTC Offset under Units
– Cycles the COM port if data is lost
– Doesn’t require manual editing of XML to run on various PNA devices
– Task description added to the main Task window
– Disable Flarm Audio warning
– Deactivated airspace still shows when you tap on airspace
– Airspace is sorted on height in Cursor info
– Added Zebra color scheme
– Date and Time are formatted with local settings
– Can select size for Flarm targets in Flarm Radar
– Ability to turn off the Thermal assistant through MAWT (Display Options)
– Fixed bug with calculating Magnetic radial
– Starting the task in Simulator mode fixed
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.01
+ * Added Landscape resources for Oudie
+ * Pairs seamlessly with Nano logger over Bluetooth
+ Added support for Nano logger
+ Added support for Westerboer 1150
– Automatic warning for Sunrise/Sunset if UTC offset is clearly wrong
– Improved visibility of Flarm targets on the Flarm Symbol
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.0 (Oudie is introduced)
+ * Added Landscape resources for Oudie
+ * Pairs seamlessly with Nano logger over Bluetooth
+ Added support for Nano logger
+ Added support for Westerboer 1150
+ * Oudie’s license is not tied to a user name, perfect for syndicate/club use
+ * Com ports in Port settings (and other dialogs) have a description (COM1=Internal GPS, COM4=Serial port etc)
+ * Pair with bluetooth device over SPP
+ * Preloaded Airports and Airspace database
+ Menu > Settings page changed to me (much) more finger friendly
+ Support for FlarmNet
+ Start line target is nearest point of the start line/sector
+ Added support for Annex A start procedures (speed and altitude limit on startline, time required below certain altitude)
+ Portrait mode keyboard changed to make buttons as large as possible
+ Keyboard is context sensitive – only keys that can be pressed are enabled (e.g. at entering waypoints)
+ Flarm Radar Symbol (in Settings > Symbols) to be able to view Flarm radar at larger Zoom settings
+ Slide between Main pages and Settings (slide needs to go from edge to edge)
+ Hide Airspace above added to Settings > Airspace
+ Dummy navboxes which serve as buttons on devices with too few hardware buttons
+ Declaration to Flarm over SD Card
+ Transparency for navboxes and Map symbols
+ Tap in pan mode will open the Cursor Info page just like in normal view
– * Three new shortcut buttons in the Menu for Map 1/2, Info page and Statistics
– * Buttons in Zoom and Display options dialogs optimized for Oudie screen resolution
– * Searching for Profiles also on SDMMC (pilots can bring their profiles to Oudie by MicroSD card)
– Tap and Hold also for PNA devices
– Airspaces are listed alphabetically
– Showing Flarm targets can be disabled through Display Options
– Added button for ConnectMe in Menu
– UTC Offset in Settings > Units
– Settings are not stored in registry anymore
– Large pictures fix for Omnia II
– Copilot added to Settings > Log
– Pilot name in declaration upload becomes (Registered to + Copilot)
– Added buttons at the top of the cursor info pages to make switching between pages much more finger friendly
– Automatically change backlight brightness to full on HP31x
– Button for starting the Bluetooth wizard on HP31x added to Menu
– Speed to Fly is theoretical – only parameter is MC setting
– improved drawing of vector maps, optimized for speed
– Miscellaneous other small improvements

Version 3.12
– corrected problem with keyboard on VGA devices (HX4700, Axim X51)
– Changes to the communication DLLs for improved stability

Version 3.11
+ Natively supports Bendix-King AV8OR
– Dedicated Bluetooth button in the menu on the HP 314
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 3.11
+ Works on selected devices with Windows CE operating system
+ Supports any screen resolution, high or low
+ Full screen QWERTY keyboard
+ Automatic selection of COM port and Baude rates for known devices
+ Supports Landscape format
+ Stores registration to a file to prevent loss of key after hard reset
+ Uploading tasks to Flarm
+ New buttons in Menu – Save Settings and Switch Profile
+ Danish translation
+ Battery low warning
– Flarm info alert when a new Flarm comes in range
– Automatically rotates the device in portrait mode if supported
– New set of Actions for navboxes. Click on a Navbox performs a certain action
– Autohides the Windows task bar while SeeYou Mobile for PNA is running
– Supports two way communication through K6 Bluetooth dongle (in progress)
– Supports the $VARIO NMEA sentence
– Task button in Command bar replaced with Next page button
– Wind symbol visible in Thermal assistant
– Option to prevent the device to turn off during flight (overrides system settings)
– New XML engine
– Help keys replaced with Keyboard keys
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 3.0
+ Flarm Radar
+ Goto Flarm
+ Pan and rotate map freely
+ 10x faster map display
+ Support for Aircotec XC Trainer
+ Support for multiple Waypoint files
+ Support for many Waypoint file formats
+ Magnetic declination Navboxes (Radial, MagBrg, MagTrk)
+ Waypoint filter dialog
– Flarm friendly name stored for later use
– Waypoint filter dialog
– New File Open dialogs (automatic search for files)
– Supported proprietary Tasman NMEA sentences
– Display Options dialog now multipage
– Support for software ports (GPD)
– Start altitude and speed are reported at start time
– New actions for hardware keys: ‘no action’ and ‘default action’
– Changed target zoom algorythm to prevent zooming in too close or too far
– Minor fixes to communication DLLs
– Numerous fixes

Version 2.75
– Bugs fixed in the communication DLLs for VL, EW Micro and GP940

Version 2.75
– Bug fixed in the communication DLLs

Version 2.73
+ Communication with EW Microrecorder
+ Communication with NT Easy flight recorder

Version 2.72
+ Communication with Zander GP940/941
– Units abbreviation for miles changed to mi
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 2.71
+ Russian translation
+ Lithuanian translation
– Fixed problem with track after 6 hours
– Significantly improved drawing of track at low zoom (5km and less)
– UTC time written in task declaration
– FL (flight level) navbox format fixed to zero decimal
– AAT Task upload to Colibri uploads original points, not moved ones
– Upgrade key must be entered before the original
– CUB format from LX Airspace is now supported in SeeYou Mobile

Version 2.7
+ FAI Triangle Assistant
+ Finnish translation
+ Support for Borgelt B500 proprietary PGRMV sentence
– Left/Right buttons change pages in Settings
– Sunrise&Sunset information for each Waypoint in Details
– Waypoint code is now also a column in Goto dialog
– Up&Down buttons change the target based on the sort order in Settings > Wpts
– Menu item added for Settings > Opt
– Fixed bug with Airspace navbox size
– Fixed bug with language dlls
– Fixed bug with -1 unterhalb in german language
– Fixed bug with saving local time in C-sentence

Version 2.6
+ Thermal Assistant
+ Polish translation
+ Map orientation Heading Up
+ Map orientation Circling North
+ Airplane symbol displayed in direction of heading
– Navbox for Radial to a waypoint
– Navbox for Distance to target in inverted units (DisInv)
– Groundspeed is negative if TRK-HDG is more than 90 degrees
– Manual start/Finish flight button in Settings > Log
– Checkbox for Finish flight in the Exit dialog
– XCM used as manufacturer code in A-record
– Goto button added to Add Waypoint dialog for quick selection

Version 2.5
+ Dutch and Hungarian translation
+ Support for Flarm with voice warnings
+ Support for ILEC NMEA sentences
+ Navboxes background color can be set differently for each navbox
+ Full recovery after an accidental quitting (battery failure e.g.)
+ I and J records are stored in IGC file. This will allow you to analyze the wind in SeeYou
+ Airspace zones can be enabled and disabled through a list in Cursor info > Airspace
– Two new fonts added for the Warning banner
– Language option is saved in Settings
– XC speed algorithm improved
– Line widths can be changed in settings
– Wing loading can be entered in decimal values
– Current Track and Target vectors can be customized in settings
– Target vector can be made invisible
– New settings page for Optimization (Opt)
– Airspace which triggered airspace warning is colored transparently
– McCready increment can be setup in settings XML file
– It is possible to disable an airspace for 5 minutes through Cursor info > Airspace
– Sending of Sound alarms can be disabled on the 302 and LX 1600
– Declared task is stored in IGC file
– Column widths for the File selection dialog are saved
– Snap width for an existing waypoint in Map mode is in Settings
– Task declaration problem on iPaq38xx solved
– Corrected problem with soaring begin detection
– Corrected bug with airspace warning when coming from below
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 2.3
+ Sound at crossing the start sector in the wrong way
+ Drag ability of navboxes and symbols is now separated.
+ Flight begin/end settings changed and are now linked with the selected polar
– Target navbox is now aligned left
– Recently used waypoints are now colored
– Setting the MC value for the task
– All times are displayed as mm:ss when time is less than 600s
– Settings > Files now displays the current profile
– Navboxes can now be colored

Version 2.2
+ Direct upload of the task declaration to supported devices
+ Supported devices for declaration upload are all LX, Volkslogger, CAI 302, CAI GPS-NAV
+ Support for Bräuniger Compeo/Flytec 5030 NMEA sentences
– No DTR activation by default, but selectable in Port Settings
– Fixed bug with adding waypoints and routes
– Navbox size is always dividable with the screen width
– Pilot and glider data is saved in the declaration dialog

Version 2.11
+ Support for French and Portuguese
+ Supports hot swapping of CF and BT GPS devices
– Prompt for save on exit
– Fixed problem when CF GPS was unplugged in flight
– Fixed problem with loading profiles

Version 2.1
+ Support for 6 languages (EN, DE, ES, IT, CZ, SI)
+ Waypoint Edit/Add/Delete/Details dialog
+ Saving waypoints and tasks
+ Support for 640×480 resolution
+ Whole application can be installed on Storage Card
+ Team dialog and navbox (can be encrypted)
+ It is possible to (not) save waypoints and profiles at exit
+ Altitude color dialog
+ High Contrast color scheme
+ Relative altitude color scheme (terrain warning)
– New action Toogle terrain
– 1000ft or 300m
– Wind arrows lengths change with wind strength
– All symbols and navboxes are clickable
– It is possible to assign an action to each navbox
– Max number of visible symbols on the screen is user selectable
– Current track vector is displayed ahead of the glider
– CAI 302 QNH setting is decoded
– More fonts can be changed
– Move up, Move down a point in task
– Waypoints, Terrain, Airspace and language files can be changed at runtime
– Repeat count for ++ and — buttons (press and hold)
– several bug fixes

Version 2.01
+ New Waypoint Details dialog with longer timeout
+ Sunrise and Sunset displayed in Info page
+ New Navbox cWind for current wind component
+ New Navbox Required MacCready
+ New Navbox Required Altitude
+ New Navbox Netto vario
– New action Next Map
– Tap on AS Warning banner opens Near Airspaces
– Track redraw corrected
– Profiles dialog timeout corrected
– Wind arrow in dialog bigger
– Waypoint names added automatically when edited on map
– Time remaining shows seconds when it is less than 10 minutes
– LX 1600 Altitude change corrected
– QNH offset is reset to 0 after restart
– Numerous small fixes

Version 2.0
+ Task management for badges, records and competitions
+ Support for multiple profiles
+ Task and 60 minutes statistics
+ Redesigned Airspace warning
+ Many new Navboxes
+ Settings and Waypoints in XML format
– Additional support for LX 1600
– Max. Altitude Warning
– New symbols for Scale, Task and Speed to Fly
– Saving the task
– Customizable main Menu
– ETA/ETE calculations using 4 methods
– Soaring begin can be adjusted in flight
– More Zoom options
– Zoom to Target keeps airplane and target on screen
– Support for pressure altitude from Garmin
– Thicker lines for the Airspace
– Bold outline when Airspace warning is issued
– Warning Banner for Airspace and Altitude Warning
– New Waypoint types
– Two customizable Waypoint labels
– Navbox’s transparency and depth (1,2 or 3 lines) can be selected individually
– One-click change to Metric/Imperial units
– Additional actions for the buttons
– Keyboard buttons can be assigned an action as well (like 4350)
– Settings from one map can be copied to the other map with one click of a button
– Taskbar and Command bar can both be hidden
– Logging problems resolved
– Columns in the Goto dialog are sortable
– Airplane is displayed in Cursor Info – Task view
– Airplane symbol is flashing when GPS BAD or NO DATA
– Numerous bug fixes

Version 1.2
+ Works with Cambridge GPS-NAV 10, 20 & 25
+ Terminal Window
– Numerous bug fixes

Version 1.1
+ Gps devices (CAI302,LX’s,CAI,VL,B50,Zander,SDI)
+ Flight Logging
+ New file open dialog
– When ‘Allow drag’ is not checked, ALL symbols (not just navboxes) have fixed positions
– Warning is displayed, when not appropiate files are loaded
– Ignoring cheksum, simulation altitude
– Waypoint bug fixed on Aero 1550
– Roads and highways are plotted now.
– Corrected font enumeration, added font size ‘7’ to match default font settings.
– If GPS solution is unknown then Ok is shown instead of 2D or 3D
– More zoom selections, can zoom to target
– HW buttons that are not programmable are not shown on Settings > Commands page
– Toggle commands work as they should when linked to HW button
– HW buttons allow ‘hold-down’ action (e.g. McCready increases steadily) but not all devices
– HW buttons now work as they should on Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX
– About dialog (unregistered) and Airspace Warnings not displayed while in background
– About dialog (unregistered) not displayed in simulation or file mode
– Display options now has more options