SeeYou Navigator & Oudie N Changelog

Beta Version 3.1.0 +2226

  • Task type: Hike and Fly
  • Improved “driving”, “taxiing” and “running” detection algorithm
  • AAT panel shows delta time instead of task time
  • Statistics page redesign
  • Improved OGN server performance
  • Filter out jets from OGN
  • Filter out standing targets from OGN for gliding
  • More intuitive icon for the Map button
  • Sync system time with GPS or with server
  • Allow empty fanet name
  • Improved parsing of Fanet stream
  • Added Hike&Fly flag to QR Code
  • Updated UI on many pages
  • Fix exchange TP during task entry
  • Fix panel width in portrait orientation
  • Invalid G-record fixed when waypoint names include invalid characters
  • Fixed pull-to-refresh algorithm
  • Fixed AAT task recalculation during moving of the points
  • Do not allow zero meters as turnpoint radius

Version 3.0.6 +2224

  • Reliability of OGN service
  • Start time issue when starting in the first second when the gate is open

Version 3.0.5 +2213

  • Speed up Navigator startup
  • Show “no internet” banner in all applicable places
  • Sync system time with server when GPS is not available
  • Set date&time at initial GPS fix
  • Flight from today stored with a date from the past fixed
  • Fixes broken G-record with WPTs with an invalid character
  • Fix panel width on Oudie

Version 3.0.4 +2205

  • Speed up Navigator start-up
  • Startup delay on slow internet connection fixed
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.0.3 +2196

  • Speed up Navigator start-up
  • Show “No internet” on all applicable pages
  • Fixed problem with storing an IGC file with older date
  • OGN timestamp issue fixed
  • Resolving OGN address fixed
  • Prevent keyboard flickering during upload to OLC
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.0.2 +2189

  • Added Japanese language
  • Added Turkish language
  • Added MacCready, Bugs and Ballast back to aircraft page
  • Bugs and Ballast are reset to zero after each landing
  • Crew weight is persistantly remembered for each glider
  • Toggle visibility for Danger area airspace type
  • Toggle visibility for Glider sector airspace type
  • Create account at social login if it doesn’t exist
  • Login if account already exists at Sign-up with social login
  • Ability to unlink Strava account
  • Ability to unlink WeGlide account
  • Upload to XContest fixed
  • Upload to XC Globe fixed
  • Upload to DHV-XC fixed
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.0.0 +2164

  • New Main page at start-up
  • Statistics page after landing
  • Record Hike & Fly activity manually
  • Support for landscape orientation
  • Upload activity to Strava
  • DHV-XC upload to the new portal
  • Omni is an approved flight recorder for CIVL comps and records
  • Takeoff notification with auto-confirmation
  • Show track of flights that were not yet uploaded to SeeYou Cloud
  • Navbox sizing to fit all screen orientations
  • Settings page restructured and reordered
  • Simplified onboarding process
  • Improved launcher screen
  • Added selecting Light/Dark navbox theme to onboarding
  • Show update notifications for Home and OS updates
  • Updated and improved translations in all languages
  • Show password option at login
  • Placeholder for warnings panel when moving and resizing navboxes
  • Input dialogs adapted for landscape
  • ZIP logs before sending
  • Improved takeoff and landing detection
  • Delete all items with swipe-left
  • Internal sensors are always enabled after restart
  • AAT label names switching
  • Offline maps page fixed in lanscape orientation
  • Missing Pages navbox fixed
  • Fixed navigating to wrong task point in rare cases
  • Prevent takeoff detection from GPS-based vario
  • Fixed displaying safe areas on phones with notches
  • Fixed XC Globe upload

Version 2.15.1 +2125

  • Obstacles warning
  • Obstacles interrogation
  • Distance circles
  • Circling North map orientation
  • Team code support
  • Added Polish language
  • Added Italian language
  • Added Finnish language
  • Show runway width & length in the waypoints panel
  • Readability improvements in the waypoints panel
  • Map isolines are displayed in feet or meters
  • New sound for airspace warning
  • Home app is translated to other languages on Oudie N
  • Negative number for groundspeed when moving backwards
  • Fixed QR Code scanning
  • Fixed showing start time more than 24 hours in the future
  • Fixed occasional freezing when zooming on long flights
  • Fixed translations

Version 2.14 +1968

  • German translation
  • French translation
  • Spanish translation
  • Slovenian translation
  • New unambiguous Airspace warning messages
  • Dismiss Airspace for 15 minutes or Today
  • Highlight near Airspace on the map
  • Highlight near Airspace in the interrogation panel
  • Vario on iPhone
  • Set system time from GPS position (Oudie N only)
  • Set system time zone from GPS position (Oudie N only)
  • Track layer always in full detail
Hotfix 2.14.1
  • Fixed problem with conversion from Radians to Degrees
  • Updated German and French translations
  • Combined Flarm and Fanet layer
  • Decluttered landable waypoints
  • Decluttered mountain top names
  • Navboxes gallery is sorted alphabetically
  • Sync buttons on pages with synchronizable content
  • Show “No internet” message when appropriate
  • Support BLE interface for Flymaster DS, Nav C and Live C
  • Change Required L/D calculation to current MC
  • XContest upload
  • OpenAir parser corner cases
  • Bug in ENL navbox
  • Elevation display in Waypoint panel
  • Altitude optional when parsing PFLAA
  • Lost layout and hangar during new install
  • Loading CUP files from 3rd party sources
  • Corner case error during import of a custom airspace file
  • Behavior of zoom button in pan mode
  • Waypoint altitude in panel
  • Storing moved points in AAT sectors
  • Many small bug fixes and performance optimizations

Version 2.12 +1887

  • Airspace interrogation on tap
  • Enable / Disable an airspace
  • Show Airspace and Task panels simultaneously
  • Declutter Flarm/Fanet/OGN labels
  • Enter Flarm ID for each glider in Hangar
  • Remove your own shadow from OGN
  • Backup settings to SeeYou Cloud
  • Sync Hangar/Wings between devices
  • Sync recent tasks between devices
  • Load saved settings from device after new install
  • Flytec Sensbox support
  • Heart rate sensor support
  • Heart rate navbox
  • Show OGN targets when GPS is bad
  • Show standing person icon for non-moving targets
  • Manual task entry
  • Always display airports from SeeYou DB on Nearest landings page
  • Updated descriptions for TAS/IAS
  • Load different Benelux airspace file during the weekend
  • Added aircraft info to subject when sending email
  • Increase delay to return to map from the menus in flight
  • Added sync buttons to Logbook and Collections page
  • Show Naviter dongle info
  • Added BLE support for SkyDrop2
  • Vario sink threshold can be entered as a number
  • UTC bug fixed when external device is connected
  • Sending name over FANET in some cases
  • Auto-rotate option re-enabled in Navigator settings
  • Task finish altitude can not be set to something below ground level
  • Reading SSS and ESS from QR Code
  • Exclude drives from Logbook
  • Prevent sending emulated position to OGN
  • Show airplane icons offline

Version 2.11.0 +1781

  • FAI Triangle Assistant
  • Pilot Event Marker Start option for gliding
  • Target ETA navbox
  • Target ETE navbox
  • “Task % Flown” Navbox
Hotfix 2.11.1:
  • Finish altitude must be above ground level
  • Wrong description for custom airspace fixed
Hotfix 2.11.2:
  • Fixed flight divided in two when connected to LXNAV dongle
Hotfix 2.11.3:
  • Show nice class name from Soaring Spot
  • Show Naviter dongle version
  • Refresh button on Logbook and Collections page
  • Bug fixes
Hotfix 2.11.4:
  • Fixed displaying airspace layer in some circumstances
  • Fixed displaying Flarm layer in some circumstances
  • Fixed displaying Fanet layer in some circumstances
Hotfix 2.11.5
  • Option to use GPS altitude for airspace warning (paragliding only)
  • Show navbox GPS Altitude in feet
  • Tweaked the thermalling zoom setting for paragliding
Hotfix 2.11.6
  • Show airspace labels in selected units for custom airspace (temporary fix)
Hotfix 2.11.7
  • Declutter Flarm/Fanet/OGN target labels
  • Default turnpoint names when original name is empty
  • Manual task entry: Cancel action now only removes the last added turnpoint
  • Increased visibility and size of the “Go To” button on the Task page, for easier navigation while flying
  • Resolved a map exception issue that occurred when clearing tasks
  • Fixed rounding errors for radius values when editing tasks
  • Fixed displaying gray map instead of full color
  • Fixed disappearing glider icon in pan mode
  • Stability improvements

Version 2.10.0 +1753

  • Recent tasks functionality
  • Simplified interface for entering the task manually
  • Save tasks for offline use (Task A, Task B)
  • Relay Flarm and Fanet targets to OGN
  • Store Flarm and Fanet targets in IGC file
  • Support for CAI302 NMEA sentences
  • Ability to update Fanet+ module
  • Thermal L/D navbox
  • Changed delete icon in Edit pages to make it more clear
  • Flarm layer becomes visible automatically when Flarm is connected
  • Fanet layer becomes visible automatically when FANET capable device is connected
  • Handle GPS rollover date from external devices (CAI302)
  • Updated navbox descriptions
  • Displays Flarm targets with “No track” setting but doesn’t relay their position to OGN
  • Logging battery state in IGC file
  • Fix race start time as part of the QR code
  • Removed Pages navbox from the list of navboxes
  • Stability improvements
  • Fixed entering SkySight username
  • Fixed S10/S100 BLE connection
  • Fixed occasional crashing
  • Fixed open in SeeYou from the Logbook
  • Fixed memory leak

Version 2.9.0 +1702

IMPORTANT. Due to new security requirements and to enable seamless development in the future, we had to drop support for smartphones and tablets running versions Android 5, 6 and 7. For customers with these OS versions, the last good version is available as an APK download. If you need it, please write to

  • Multiple map pages
  • Connect Oudie N IGC to Condor simulator
  • XC Speed navbox
  • Turn radius navbox
  • IAS & TAS navboxes
  • Bearing navbox
  • Search navboxes
  • Re-enable hidden airspace
  • Altitude 2.5 hours ago
  • Altitude 2 hours ago
  • Distance in Nautical miles
  • Improved ETE calculation for paragliders
  • ETA/ETE calculated also when MC=0
  • Pre-selecting a glider when uploading to OLC/WeGlide
  • Updated descriptions for Navboxes
  • Safety altitude renamed to Safety height
  • System status page
  • Changelog page
  • Improved soaring begin detection if app starts in flight
  • Dropped support for Android 5, Android 6 and Android 7
  • Parsing gliders for upload to WeGlide
  • AAT zone beeping bug
  • Loading custom waypoints
  • Horizontal airspace arrow in warnings panel fixed
  • Beeping for airspace
  • Excessive beeping in AAT zone
  • Parsing task from Soaring Spot
  • Parsing XCT task from QR code
  • Sending logs
  • App exits more quickly
  • Easier debugging when something goes wrong
  • Storage permission on Android 13
  • Panels on phones with a notch, covering the menu button
  • Losing settings file on some occasions
  • Task not starting in the middle of the start line

Version 2.8.0 +1619

  • Flarm and ADS-B layer
  • Current track vector
  • Heading up map orientation (default)
  • Load custom waypoints and tasks
  • Load competition airspace from Soaring Spot
  • Load competition waypoints from Soaring Spot
  • Close Thermal assistant with a tap on the screen
  • Choose Map font size (Menu > Settings > Map & Layers)
  • Task finish altitude setting
  • Task QNH setting
  • Altitude warning (Menu > Settings > Altitude warning)
  • 14-day trial (no credit card required)
  • Increased default Map font size
  • Always show Airspace warning in collapsed state
  • Deduplicate airspaces from different sources
  • Tap on airspace warning to show more details
  • Offline name resolution for Flarm and OGN targets
  • Task line and zone colors the same as old Oudie and SeeYou
  • Auto-zoom option in Settings > Map & Layers
  • Auto-zoom resumes 10 seconds after manually zooming the map
  • Show current OGN address in the About page
  • Reordered numbers on the Start panel for Race to Goal tasks
  • Support for auto-fill from password managers
  • Show lines to active airspaces only at 2 km or less
  • Display a black dot at the nearest point in turnpoint sector
  • Labels on Start Speed Section zone border
  • Safety altitude can be entered as a number
  • Task speed navbox on Race to Goal tasks now shows the right value
  • Prevent asking for name twice during sign up with Social login
  • Check internet connection before sharing a file
  • Asking for Bluetooth permission on iOS
  • Asking for microphone permission on iOS
  • Task preview page shows all task details now
  • Various updates and stability fixes

Version 2.7.0 +1569

  • Load custom airspace from CUB file
  • Load custom airspace from OpenAir file
  • Load task from Soaring Spot
  • Full screen mode for Android smartphones
  • Shorter app load time
  • Reduced max auto-zoom level
  • Turn off thermal assistant sooner
  • New Track line width algorithm
  • Added support for decimal degrees in OpenAir format
  • Goto Next AAT area panel remains open after exiting the AAT cylinder
  • Improved overall responsiveness of the app
  • Significantly improved app stability
  • Disabled autocorrection for email input
  • Automatic reconnection of BLE devices fixed
  • Correction for falsely recognizing server response as “no connection”
  • Writing an IGC file when input device is switched
  • Fixed crash when zooming the map very quickly
  • QR Code scanner fixed
  • Various other stability and bug fixes

Version 2.6.0 +1479

  • Show green dot for reachable airports and landable fields
  • Show yellow dot for airports that are reachable if you change MacCready to zero
  • Display arrival altitude for reachable airfields
  • Display Required L/D for reachable airfields
  • ENL logging for non-approved Oudie N devices
  • ENL logging for Swift and Archaeopteryx
  • Show landable waypoints at smaller zoom levels
  • Write NMEA logs switch in Logs page
  • Filetering out Wifi / GSM based locations
  • Corrected sign for Geoid separation value
  • XC Tracer wind calculation fixed
  • Disable splitting files after 1-minute for non-Oudie N platforms.
  • One-time Auto QNH application when starting the app in-flight

Version 2.5.1 +1468

  • Filtering out position updates from Wifi and GSM networks
  • Fixed division of one flight into mutliple flights
  • Fix for setting Auto QNH when Navgator is started in flight
  • Social login on Android fixed
  • Added more logs for social login attempts

Version 2.5.0 +1458

  • Login with Apple, including FaceID
  • Login with Google
  • Enter Co-pilot name for double seaters
  • Engine Noise Level detection for Oudie N IGC
  • Show Airport frequencies when tapping on the map
  • Landing confirmation panel
  • Vario sound clicking removed in some corner cases
  • Vario sound stability and response time improved
  • Setting Bugs now shows achievable L/D
  • IGC file structure compatibility with GNSS specification improved
  • Flight recording starts even if only pressure altitude is available
  • Arrows on task line that show the direction of task
  • Next/Previous turnpoint buttons
  • Adjusted track coloring in thermal assistant
  • Support for $FBFAN and $POV NMEA sentences
  • Support login on older phones with expired SSL certificates
  • Task UI entry improved
  • Support for Oudie N serial numbers 16-xxxx
  • Return to map after 10 seconds of inactivity fixed
  • UTF-8 characters encoding fixed
  • Task where SSS is the first point
  • Task declaration task stamp is now set to a time before takeoff
  • Can select Mini LAK 13.5 FES now
  • Bluescreen with location permission fixed on iOS
  • Downloading files larger than 64MB fixed
  • UTC offset in QR code
  • Allow decimal angles in QR Code
  • Lots of stability fixes

Version 2.4.4 +1411

  • Login loop fixed

Version 2.4.3 had a severe bug that resulted in an infinite loop on login. Do not use version 2.4.3 on any of your devices.

Version 2.4.3 +1406

  • Smoother zooming of the map
  • Smoother vario while zooming the map (in thermal assistant)
  • Alignment option for Navboxes
  • Crashes and freezes while zooming
  • Character encoding from the Map
  • Using background location on Android 11 now works

Version 2.4.0 +1386

  • Custom observation zone shapes
  • QR Code that supports custom observation zones
  • TopMeteo Lee-waves integration
  • Auto zoom button
  • Move glider position freely on the map (tap & hold to move)
  • Pilot Event Marker (PEV) button / navbox (basic implementation)
  • Final glide notification
  • Distance to Observation Zone navbox
  • Upload flight to XC Globe
  • Battery level and status Navbox
  • Current Track navbox in degrees
  • GPS Status navbox
  • Navbox for Altitude in feet
  • Changelog page is displayed after upgrade
  • Louder task event sounds
  • Ability to clear Task time and Start time
  • Navigating to SSS instead of takeoff cylinder by default on Race to Goal tasks
  • Save flights to /Flights folder on Oudie N
  • Tap on the GPS status navbox opens a panel with details
  • Added 400 ft and 800 ft safety margins
  • Navigating to SSS by default on Race to Goal tasks
  • Choose SSS / ESS during manual task entry
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed displaying PFD from SkySight in USA
  • Fixed moving AAT points inside complex observation zones
  • Start panel doesn’t hide for AAT and Racing tasks
  • Fixed reappearing observation zones after ESS
  • Entering TopMeteo username fixed
  • Refresh token problem fixed
  • Fixed problem with ruined settings on logout
  • Fixed parsing start time from QR code
  • Sectors do not re-appear after crossing goal in Race-to-goal task
  • IGC file recording from LX Eos/Era connection fixed
  • iOS login problem fixed

Version 2.3.1 +1321

  • Adding Navboxes through the Settings menu works now
  • Gray screen after entering the task manually – fixed

Version 2.3.0 +1315

  • MacCready, Bugs and Ballast
  • Vario for Smartphones
  • Offline maps for Smartphones
  • Full support for Race to goal task (Paragliding)
  • Full support for Assigned Area Task (AAT)
  • ETE and ETA Navboxes
  • Internal Fanet+ for Oudie N
  • Select an OGN or FANET target as a Buddy
  • Green icon for gliders which are climbing
  • Navigate to an OGN or FANET target
  • Re-center map after 10 seconds of inactivity while panning in flight
  • Automatically exit Manu after 10 seconds of inactivity in flight
  • Moving AAT point by tapping inside the zone instead of dragging
  • Enter Cylinder radius for task via Keyboard
  • Swipe down to refresh Task list
  • Swipe down to refresh Collections list
  • Disappearing Task line bug fixed
  • AGL and related navboxes now showing values all the time while flying a Task
  • Bluescreen while loading the app resolved
  • Bluetooth for Android 12
  • Missing Airspace in Navigator is now showing
  • Map not stuck in the same place on Android 12
  • Stability improvements

Version 2.2.0 +1221

This version was installed on the first Oudie N Free Flight devices that were sent out.
It was never released for Smartphones on Google Play and AppStore.

  • Vario for Oudie N
  • Support for Race to Goal task for Paragliding
  • Task notifications
  • Delete flight from Logbook
  • Firefox replaced Brave browser on Oudie N
  • Default circling zoom for Paragliding is 16.5
  • New defaults for Paragliding navboxes layout
  • Minor modification of Gliding default layout.
  • Total time in logbook
  • XContest claim

Version 2.1.5 +1154

  • Aligment in the task page for tasks in southern hemisphere
  • Reading QR codes without start procedrue data
  • Shortest route calculation

Version 2.1.2 +1146

  • Task functionality:
    • Support for different task types
      • XC Task (Gliding, Paragliding & Hanggliding)
      • Assigned Area Task (Gliding)
      • Racing Task (Gliding)
      • Race to Goal (Paragliding & Hanggliding)
      • Elapsed Time (Paragliding & Hanggliding)
    • Task events with audio notifications are displayed while flying in a top panel.
    • Start observation zone is coloured depending on the status (closed, 1min to go, opened)
    • AAT Task turn-points can be moved in-flight by long-taping the AAT sector
    • Added Task related Navboxes
    • Tasks can be declared by:
      • Entering turn-points manually from the activated SeeYou Cloud collection
      • Loading a task from SeeYou Cloud task collection
      • Scanning a QR code
  • CIVL Cat1 Certification for IGC files created with the Navigator app
  • Navbox: Altitude Gain in a the current or last thermal
  • Improved map performance
  • Oudie N: Self-update capability
  • Oudie N: Offline Maps
  • Oudie N: Show serial number in About dialog
  • Oudie N: Automatically start a 1-year SeeYou trial after registration
  • Map orientation can be set from the Settings in the Main Menu
  • Airspace works if the Navigator is run the 2nd time in the same day
  • Corrected pressure to altitude conversion at high altitudes
  • Improved reliability of in-flight downloads (elevation and map tiles) with poor internet connections
  • Fallback for Auto QNH algorithm to continue working even in case of missing elevation data
  • Snail trail and take-off point from previous flights are not shown anymore
  • Oudie N: User can not disable internal sensors by mistake anymore
  • Exiting the app in flight creates a correct IGC
  • Navigator correctly wakes up from sleep on iOS
  • Improved QNH & elevation Service
  • Thermal assistant is enabled when the heading change is >= 110°
  • Flight uploads are suspended if the app is closed
  • Crashing and rebooting issue for Samsung phones
  • Reading of NMEA stream
  • Glider List is no longer empty in onboarding

Version 2.0.6 +1018

Bugfix version for phones with pressure sensor that were crashing after landing.

Version 2.0.5 +1004

  • Added rain layer configuration
  • Auto-QNH algorithm
  • Track coloring by vertical speed
  • “Glider sector” airspace type is now enabled by default
  • Double initialization in On-boarding.
  • “Location manager can’t be initialized” state.
  • Black screen state when closing main menu
  • Map layers initialization.
  • Removed X-Alps 2021-related options.

Version 2.0.4 +989

  • Optimized GPS/pressure source switching algorithm when Bluetooth device is disconnected.
  • Devices used for GPS and pressure readings are recorded in the IGC file.
  • Aircraft DB is now updated immediately as new data is available.
  • “Blinking Navboxes” issue when graphical navbox has solid background.
  • Showing an error message during login, if system time is set incorrectly.
  • Freezing of OGN layer in some rare cases.
  • Other small improvements.

Version 2.0.2 +968

  • Updated X-Alps 2021 airspace
  • Fixed “Location manager can’t be initialized on this device” issue on old Android devices.
  • Other minor bugfixes

Version 2.0.1 +926

  • X-Alps airspace option in Settings
  • Zero decimals in Navboxes for large distances
  • Problem with disappearing OGN traffic
  • Improved stability

Version 2.0.0 +921

  • Support for Bluetooth LE devices
  • Support for Naviter Bluetooth Dongle
  • Support for phones with internal pressure sensor
  • Direct upload to OLC, WeGlide and XContest
  • SeeYou Cloud Logbook integration
  • Refreshed user interface
  • Lower power consumption
  • Improved stability and performance

Version 1.2.0

  • Automatically add flights to SeeYou Logbook
  • Changed how the app asks for location persmission
  • Updated privacy policy
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements

Version 1.1.0

  • Aircraft polars
  • Wind calculation
  • Higher resolution of satellite imagery
  • New Wind forecast layers for 4500 m and 5000 m
  • New icons for paraglider takeoffs and landings
  • Takeoff detection on 32-bit devices
  • Elevation service on 32-bit devices
  • Improved connectivity with OGN

Version 1.0.0

  • Personalize screen layout
  • Navigate to target
  • Airspace Warnings
  • Final glide navboxes
  • Cross-country optimization navboxes
  • Thermal assistant
  • Swipe gestures
  • Rain Radar layer
  • Live Open Glider Network layer
  • Integration with TopMeteo weather forecasts
  • Integration with SkySight forecasts
  • Landscape and portrait orientation
  • Logbook
  • Upload to contests
  • Sleep mode to save battery
  • Seamless integration with SeeYou Cloud