SeeYou Navigator – Your first Co-pilot

Want to fly light-weight? Just going for a quick flight or two and don’t want all the heavy equipment? Install SeeYou Navigator on your Android or iOS phone and let it record the track for you.

Simple to use so you can focus on your flying
Stay out of airspace with an innovative airspace overview
Maintain safe final glide to landing places nearby
Avoid bad weather with live weather and traffic data

The benefits above, combined with seamless integration with SeeYou in a software bundle, make SeeYou Navigator a compelling software package for your first flights. And the best companion for your regular Vario or flight recorder such as Oudie.

Main features

  • Navigate to target
  • Record flight track (also with screen off)
  • Airspace Warning
  • Thermal assistant
  • Connect external devices by Bluetooth (beta)
  • Final glide assistant
  • Rain Radar layer
  • Live Open Glider Network layer
  • Integration with TopMeteo forecasts
  • Live Satellite images from TopMeteo
  • Integration with SkySight forecasts
  • Live Satellite images from SkySight
  • Cross-country optimization
  • Landscape and portrait orientation
  • Upload to online contests
  • Seamless integration with SeeYou Cloud
  • Logbook
Airspace warning

SeeYou Navigator is part of the SeeYou Subscription bundle. Together they help you Plan, Navigate, and Learn in a straightforward package.


Universal Phone holder

Naviter Universal Phone holder is the most convenient and secure way to mount any smartphone in your cockpit.

  • RAM Suction Cup or Baseplate for panel mount
  • 9 cm swivel arm for easy position adjustment
  • Universal holder for any phone or Oudie
  • Includes 1-year use of SeeYou & Navigator

Quadlock Phone holder

Naviter Quad Lock Phone holder is a very convenient way to mount your smartphone in the cockpit

  • RAM Suction Cup or Baseplate for panel mount
  • 9 cm swivel arm for easy position adjustment
  • Quadlock mount
  • Includes 1-year use of SeeYou & Navigator

Naviter Bluetooth Dongle

The Naviter Bluetooth Dongle converts any flight instrument with serial data output to a smart Bluetooth Low Energy device.


  • Plug-and-play, zero configuration needed.
  • Includes 1-year use of SeeYou & Navigator
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Bluetooth 2.0 (BT20) interfaces
  • The two interfaces that can be used simultaneously:
    • One device connected to BLE interface (iPhone, Android)
    • One device to Bluetooth 2.0 interface (Oudie)
  • Auto-detects serial data baud rate.
  • Starts transmitting as soon as valid data is detected.
  • Transmits data both ways – to and from the connected device
  • Change broadcasted name with SeeYou Navigator to be able to distinguish it from other Naviter Bluetooth Dongles around.
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Arrange navboxes
Style navboxes
Thermal assistant
Layers panel