SeeYou Recorder

Currently the Oudie Live application is Android only, for iPhone users a partial workaround is to use the SeeYou Recorder app instead.

SeeYou Recorder is a simple and free IGC files recorder for Android, iPhone and iPad for Paraglider, Hang-glider and Sailplane pilots, it does work to broadcast your own position (but being broadcast only, does not allow visibility of other pilots).


Naviter SeeYou Recorder app


Launch the app, choose to start recording your flight and put it in your pocket. After landing the flights are synced to SeeYou Cloud.

You can then use SeeYou for Android and iOS or upload them to online contests of your choice. Our experience shows that recent smart phones are able to record 10-13 hours of flight before the battery reaches 20% and the app stops recording (percentage is selectable in the Settings).

Tablets have much larger batteries and are for this reason very suitable for running the SeeYou Recorder.