Your subscription has expired

Starting with SeeYou 6.0 and the release of SeeYou for Smartphones and Tablets the licensing of Naviter products has become uniform and simple. You need only one valid SeeYou Subscription to get all your Naviter products fully registered. SeeYou Cloud knows which versions you are allowed to install. It also knows when your subscription expires. You can review the status of your subscription and available keys by logging into SeeYou Cloud. If you forgot your password you can recover it here anytime.

You have to buy SeeYou and SeeYou Mobile software once. Later SeeYou Subscription covers all Naviter solutions for 49 EUR/year (around 4 EUR/month). If you have a current SeeYou Subscription and you have bought SeeYou and SeeYou Mobile previously you can use the latest versions of all of our software solutions:
. SeeYou for PC
. SeeYou for Android
. SeeYou for iPad and iPhone
. SeeYou Recorder
. ConnectMe
. Soaring Spot
. SeeYou Mobile for PDA and PNA
. Oudie 2 with Sunlight Readable screen
. Oudie Updater
. SeeYou Cloud which links all of the above together seamlessly

If you let your subscription expire you can continue to use an old version of SeeYou on your PC and SeeYou Mobile on your PDA and Oudie. However some of the features will not work without an active subscription:

. No more updates for SeeYou and SeeYou Mobile (but you can continue to use old versions)
. SeeYou for Android will revert back to trial version
. SeeYou for iOS will revert back to trial version
. SeeYou Cloud will not work anymore

If you need help please contact us. We are here – happy to help.