Troubleshooting logs Privacy Policy

Dear User.

We want to help you become a better pilot in every way we can. Sometimes we will need your logs from our apps in order to troubleshoot a problem that you have experienced.

The troubleshooting logs contain more information than we normally collect from normal use of SeeYou.

The data in the troubleshooting logs contain at least the following, of which some are personally identifiable data:
. Name
. Surname
. Email address
. IP Address of your computer
. Date/Time of usage
. Computer name
. Username of the user on the computer
. Registered owner of the computer
. Operating system name and version
. System language
. System uptime
. SeeYou uptime
. Processor model and info
. Memory size and usage
. Disk size and usage
. Display resolution
. Process ID of SeeYou
. SeeYou version
. SeeYou build info
. SeeYou network usage info
. Encrypted SeeYou Cloud credentials
. SeeYou internal usage info
. SeeYou exceptions info
. SeeYou general logging
. SeeYou Screenshot with currently displayed information

We treat the data that you kindly share with us with utmost care and we don’t share this data with anyone who doesn’t stricktly need this data to resolve your problem. After your problems is resolved the data you sent will be deleted and no aggregates of this data will be used for any other purpouse.