Upgrade to SeeYou 5

Starting with SeeYou 5 and the release of SeeYou for Smartphones and Tablets the licensing of Naviter products has changed significantly. To the better we hope and in many ways using Naviter products has become cheaper.

There are a few use cases that we would like to explain in order for everyone to understand how licensing works now.

#1 Customers who have SeeYou 4 license and do NOT need SeeYou on Smartphones and Tablets

If you already have SeeYou 4 running and do not wish to use SeeYou on Android, iPhone or iPad then you can install SeeYou 5 and continue to use the latest version. Nothing has changed for you and there is no need to purchase anything. SeeYou license is permanent and includes one year of free product upgrades since the purchase date, including even major version upgrades.

#2 Customers who have purchased or upgraded to SeeYou 4 after April 1st 2012

You are free to use SeeYou on all supported platforms. All you need to do is create a SeeYou Cloud account from within SeeYou with the same email address which you have used when you purchased SeeYou. This will unlock complete functionality of SeeYou on Android. If – for any reason – your email has not been recorded in our ordering system or you wish to use another email address for SeeYou Cloud please contact us or the person you bought SeeYou from so we can accomodate the system to recognize the new email address.

#3 Customers who have bought any version of SeeYou before April 1st 2012

All you need to do if you wish to use SeeYou 5 and SeeYou on Android – you need to Purchase an upgrade to SeeYou 5.

Please note that the Upgrade has become a Subscription now which costs 49 EUR per year (+VAT if applicable). SeeYou for PC will continue to work after the subscription has expired (just like now – SeeYou for PC never expires), but you will not be able to the install latest version with an expired subscription. SeeYou on Android however will revert back to trial mode if the subscription expires. Our online ordering system is designed to keep the subscription alive with your approval in order not to miss a beat there. See also:
Comparison of the Trial versions on PC and Mobile platforms

#4 Customers who also use SeeYou Mobile

If you are already a SeeYou Mobile customer there is an additional benefit in upgrading to SeeYou 5 Subscription. The Subscription doesn’t just cover SeeYou, it also covers SeeYou Mobile. Meaning – if you upgrade to SeeYou 5 today, you will get one year of free upgrades for SeeYou Mobile as well.

SeeYou Subscription covers all Naviter solutions for 49 EUR/year – around 4 EUR/month. If you have a current SeeYou Subscription (and you have bought SeeYou and SeeYou Mobile previously) you can use the latest versions of all of our software solutions:
. SeeYou for PC
. SeeYou for Android
. SeeYou Cloud which links all of the above together seamlessly
. SeeYou Recorder
. ConnectMe
. Soaring Spot
. SeeYou Mobile for PDA and PNA
. Oudie 2 with Sunlight Readable screen

#5 Customers who only use SeeYou Mobile

SeeYou Subscription cost is the same – which means that it is less than it was until now – but you are missing out on all the nice features of SeeYou đŸ˜‰

#6 Users who are evaluating SeeYou

The following restrictions apply if you are using SeeYou without a current SeeYou Subscription:
Limitations of the Trial version on Android
Comparison of the Trial versions on PC and Android

We hope that this explains how the new licensing system works and that this will further improve your satisfaction with our gliding software packages. Should you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us.