MacCready, Competition tasks, Vario & more

The Naviter development team has been very busy lately. After a very successful beta testing period, we are happy to release version 2.3.1 with many new features. Get the latest Navigator version from Google Play, the AppStore or by following the update instructions on your Oudie N.

  • Pre-download maps for your area
  • Street level details
  • Worldwide coverage

Internet connection is not guaranteed during flight. Therefore, the ability to view maps even when no connection is available was one of the most requested features for Navigator. Go to Menu > Settings > Offline Maps and download detailed maps for your region. Once downloaded, the maps will work seamlessly without the need to download them again from the Internet.

  • Name your favorite flying buddies
  • Make them appear larger than others
  • Navigate to them in flight

Lots of traffic in your area? Having trouble telling who’s who on the map? Not anymore. Mark your friends as favorites so they appear larger on the map. And give them names you recognize. Just tap the glider icon and rename it. How cool is that?

  • Choose the optimal final glide altitude
  • Make optimal AAT final glide decisions
  • Match glider setup and polar in Navigator

Sailplane pilots have missed this feature the most. You can now set MacCready, bugs and ballast values to match the current setting of your glider. Arrival altitudes and estimated arrival times at your destination are seamlessly adjusted to your new settings. Add the MacCready Navbox to your screen. Tap it to open the panel where you can easily change the settings.

  • Task information appears and disappears as needed
  • Use screen space for other information
  • Actionable buttons in the panels
  • Race to goal (Paragliding)
  • Racing task (Gliding)
  • Assigned Area Task (AAT, gliding)

There are many decisions you need to make during a task. Navigator helps you make the right decisions by showing you the right task information at the right time in panels at the top of the screen.

  • Good for calm and slow thermals
  • Always in your pocket
  • for Android phones with barometric sensor

The last in this list, but not the least important. Your phone can now act as an acoustic vario. Check the settings at Menu > Settings > Vario. A word of warning: do not expect too much from your phone. This is at best a last-resort backup vario. Especially if your phone does not have a pressure sensor. But if all else fails, it can be your best friend.

Vario is not enabled yet on iPhones, but we are expecting that feature to be available soon as well.

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