From first steps to great adventures

Omni is the little brother of the Oudie N. The same functions in a smaller and lighter package. It’s always in your pocket, waiting for the next adventure to begin. With up-to-the-minute live weather data, you can focus on the happy vario sound so you can stay in the air longer. Seamless integration with SeeYou after landing makes it a complete cockpit solution. With Omni, you can focus on the joy of flying while staying safe and informed. Why settle for less when you can have it all in one versatile package?

Features and Benefits

  • Small and light
  • Ideal for every day use and hike & fly
  • Crystal clear, sunlight-readable display
  • Precise and instantly responsive vario
  • Incredibly detailed worldwide maps
  • Fanet+ for increased safety and awareness
  • Wifi, Bluetooth and 4G/LTE connectivity
  • Offline maps for backcountry flying
  • Easy upload to your favorite online contest
  • Easy to use SeeYou Navigator software
  • Free software updates
Technical specification
Size97×71×25 mm + 10 mm for antenna notch
Weight222 g
Battery autonomy11 – 13 h at full screen brightness
20 – 40 h with screen turned off
Sunlight readable screen
Multi touch (pinch & zoom)
LCD3.5 inch size, 800×480 pixels
Visible to gliders & GA
Online trackingHybrid = Fanet + Flarm + OGN
Buddies visibilityHybrid = Fanet + OGN
QR Code scanner
Compare to Oudie N
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On your cockpit from the first flights

Omni is designed to be simple. Regardless of your skill level, you can switch it on and it’s ready to fly right away. An excellent vario helps you stay in the air, and the incredibly detailed maps ensure you can orient yourself in the surrounding airspace. If you need more functions, they are waiting for you in the Omni. It supports you in every step you take as a pilot. Because it’s so small and light, you can take it with you whenever the opportunity to fly presents itself.

Great adventures are easier with an Omni

Whether you are planning a long cross-country flight or a multi-day vol-bivouac trip through the mountains, the Omni is ready for you. It combines brilliant vario sound with an excellent screen and exceptional maps in one package. Everything you need for your next big adventure is already included in the Omni.

Electronic conspicuity with Fanet+

The Flarm and Fanet technology is integrated in the Omni. It enables your device to become visible to other nearby aircraft, including gliders, Cessnas, helicopters, and drones, all equipped with Flarm. This ensures maximum safety and awareness during your flight, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on the joy of flying.

Experience the latest in-flight safety technology with Omni and stay ahead of the curve in paragliding safety. Learn more about this exciting technology and how it can transform your flying experience.

Continuous Software development

At Naviter, we are committed to providing you with an unparalleled flying experience. That’s why we continuously develop the software to ensure your Omni device is always up to date and working flawlessly.

Our user-friendly SeeYou Navigator software is regularly updated with new software features, free of charge for the lifetime of your Omni. And with easy-to-install upgrades via Wifi, you can be sure your device is always working at its best. To see a complete list of improvements, follow the link to the Navigator changelog.

What pilots say about the Omni

“Easily fits in my pocket.” – Dušan

“Oh my god, it’s smaller than I thought. It’s so cute!” – Joanna

“Great little device. Great screen, with excellent full colour display that I’m finding easy to read even in bright Colombian sun. Great case. Excellent vario.” – Carlo

“I tried the omni, it’s really a great tool, really simple to use. I wonder how I’ve managed so far without Naviter. Great job 🤟🤟” – Francesco