Navigator 3.0

We are pleased to announce the new beta version of SeeYou Navigator. When you start the app, it appears in a completely new look. The redesigned start page provides an overview of the most important settings for your next flight and gives you easy access to the logbook and settings.

Play the video to see the new start page in action

However, the new start page is not all that is new in Navigator 3.0.

Statistics page

We know you want to see the statistics of your flight right after landing. Navigator now shows you the statistics report as soon as the flight recording is completed. You can access the same statistics report by going to the menu > Logbook and tapping on your flight.

Support for landscape orientation

A lot of work went into perfecting the user experience when Navigator is used in the landscape orientation. Menus, settings, dialogs and warning panels were all adjusted to make Navigator as useful in landscape as it is in portrait.

Hike & Fly with upload to Strava

Press the “H&F” button to start recording your track immediately if you want to record the hiking part of your adventure in addition to the flight. Once finished, seamlessly upload your activity to Strava right from the app, Omni or Oudie N.

New languages

Italian, Finnish and Polish language was added recently to Navigator thanks to Iacopo, Petri and Tomasz. If you would like to use Navigator in your language, please write to us and we’ll help.

And more …

Simplified onboarding process, showing password when typing on small keyboards, improved takeoff detection, update notifications for the Home app and the operating system Oudie, CIVL approval for flights created with Omni, and many bugs were also fixed in this version. To see a full list of improvements, please follow the link to the Navigator changelog.

How to install Navigator 3.0 beta version

  • Open Menu > Settings > System > Update Navigator
  • Change the distribution channel to “Beta”
  • Download and install the latest version from the beta channel
  • Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t offer the full application experience through their TestFlight application. We have therefore decided not to offer beta versions on Apple platforms.