Multiple pages in Navigator

SeeYou Navigator version 2.9.0 has been released for Oudie N, iPhone and Android smartphones. This is a significant release in many ways. Please read on to learn more about the new features and major improvements under the hood.

Unlimited number of pages

The most requested feature recently has undoubtedly been the addition of multiple pages to Navigator. More than one set of navboxes allows for many different use cases. You might want one set of navboxes for a simple cross-country flight. Create a more complex page for competition flights. Add another page for final glide or airspace awareness. There is no limit to the number of pages you can create. Design as many as you like and switch between them by tapping the Pages navbox on the screen.

To manage pages, long-press on a navbox and choose Edit Pages from the context menu. There you can rearrange, rename, and delete pages.

Connect Oudie N IGC with Condor

Flying with the Condor flight simulator connected to Navigator via the Naviter Condor dongle is a very convenient way to get familiar with Navigator. This works great with your iPhone and an Android smartphone, but it did not work with Oudie N IGC because it is not allowed to connect an external GPS source to an approved flight recorder.

We have now made it possible to set up and practice your Oudie N while having fun with Condor flight simulator.

New navboxes

We added many navboxes you requested recently:

  • Turn radius. Displays the radius of the current curve in a thermal. Are your turns getting wider at the top of the thermal? Is your bank angle too low? Now you can correct this during the flight, not when you analyze it after the flight.
  • XC Speed. During a long cross-country flight, altitude changes considerably, making it difficult to determine whether you are progressing slowly because you have gained a lot of altitude or because you are flying too slowly. XC Speed navbox takes the altitude change out of the equation and shows you what your speed would be if you had climbed (or descended) back to your starting altitude.
  • IAS & TAS. Navboxes for indicated and true airspeed. They are either calculated or measured, depending on which sensor input is available to Navigator. Compare True airspeed with Groundspeed to estimate headwind or tailwind component during flight.
  • Bearing. Compare the “Track” and “Bearing” navboxes to understand where to steer your aircraft to reach the destination. Note that the navbox “To” already exists. It shows the difference between Track and Bearing to the destination in a single Navbox.
  • Distance in NM. If you’re metric but need to talk to an air-traffic controller, enable the Distance in nautical miles navbox to make it more simple to talk to the ATC.
  • Altitude 2 / 2.5 hours ago. Those who fly the German Bundesliga or the speed comps in OLC will love this navbox. It shows the altitude you were at 2 or 2.5 hours ago. In addition, there is an arrow pointing up if the altitude went up one minute after 2/2.5 hours ago and an arrow pointing down if it went down.

Find navboxes

Know which navbox you are looking for, but do not want to scroll through the long list of available navboxes? Use the search icon at the top of the list. Type “alti” to find all navboxes that show all possible heights in the navigator.

Stability improvements

The main reason for creating 11 release candidates for this version was hidden to the human eye. Significant stability improvements have been made under the hood. We are grateful for the feedback from several hundred pilots who used the beta version and told us what needed to be improved. Version 2.9.0 marks the beginning of a new level of stability for Navigator. In this version, operations are handled in a way that avoids runtime errors by design. If you are interested in technical details, the keyword is “null-safety”.

However, the recent improvements also have a drawback. We had to discontinue support for devices running Android 5, 6 and 7. If this is a problem for you, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with an APK for the last version that still works on those devices.

A lot more is new in this version. See the complete changelog if you’re interested in the details.